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Slashdot T-Shirt Design Contest 81

Copyleft has redone all their pages, so it only makes sense that we get some new T-Shirts up there too. So we're going to try to do a contest for some new designs. I'm going to serve as Judge (and god am I ruthless judge) on this one, and the Winner (or Winners if there are several good entries) will get the fame and glory of having their names and designs displayed here... as well as a $100 credit at Copyleft. Hit the link below to read the specifications.
  • Fronts and Backs are good, but not required
  • Designs that will work on different colored shirts are good (black/white/grey)
  • Large lossless formats are preferred (PNG is nice, jpeg's will be ignored) Bitmapped images ought to be fairly large (100-200 DPI) so that they print nicely. I better be able to view it on Linux, so don't go sending me a Freehand file or something. If ya gotta use some other platform for an illustration, I don't care, but I'd prefer seeing a Gimper win (are you listening tigert?!)
  • I prefer if you email me a URL with the image, but I'll also take attachments (although if you gotta send attachments, you might want to send me a lower quality preview image so you don't lock my ISDN line up for 5 minutes while I download your 8 meg tiff)
  • I'm gonna judge. Sure we ought to have a poll or something, and if I have time, maybe we will, but I'm going to make the final decision- and I am anal about this stuff. Friends and family of Blockstackers are eligible, but no 1/8th size clones of ruthless evil masterminds bent on global domination please.
  • Suggestions: witty slogans, use of #006666 green or the curve, the Caliseo font, avoid using something that is copyrighted by another company (we don't wanna get sued!), good clean simple design- I'm a geek, but I'm an artsy guy too!
  • We'll pick winners in a week or 2.

I'm looking forward to seeing what ya'll come up with. This ought to be fun. Besides, its sorta like doing your part to keep geeks clothed. Nobody really wants to see me running around naked. Well, maybe somebody, but I bet he/she doesn't look like Heather Graham...

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Slashdot T-Shirt Design Contest

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  • Rob's missing the big picture here - a full-scale slashdot merchandising program just like the big guys:

    trading cards/action figures (rob/hemos/etc)
    bed spreads/curtains/towels/etc
    bathing suits
    temporary tattoos
    comic books/videos/"music from the motion picture"
    etc etc etc

  • > i think i'll start sewing them on the left
    > breast of all my shirts, just like laverne.
    > i'm gonna be *stylin*

    Or better still, draw up your /. design in a
    Windows-friendly format, pop it on a floppy disk,
    and take it (and your most fashionable shirt)
    into a Bernina shop.

    Ask the good folks there to open it, copy it
    into Bernina Artista, download it onto one of
    their high-end embroidery-capable machines,
    and then watch as it plays the seamstress.

    It's almost as much fun as a plotter!
    And you can do ray-traced spheres too!
    (But don't expect millions of colours.)
  • Hey believe it or not, some /. readers are artists or graphic designers by trade. We're not all code-heads, you know. :-)
  • well yeah i agree with that .. i haev had a few pais of hemp jeans .... very nice comfy casual sorta feel ..
    an ofcasue its just cool to be wearing pot
  • Posted by Nina Simone:

    You can find it here:$7162

    In addition to Neal, who are the best web writers we have?
  • My Fellow nerd, Some of us nerds do actualy excede the standary 5'2" geek image. I need 4XL because I have a 4XL chest and shoulder size (stop coughing, its true I am 6'6"), not 4XL waist line's. Just thought I would help break that geek mold a little more.
  • Seems like everybody with a web site is sponsoring a contest nowadays. Keeps life interesting, I guess, especially for the "artistically challenged " folks like me. *grin* Actually, the reason I'm posting this is that this is the second design competition I've seen today.

    Head on over to NTTG.Net for more details -- they've got two contests starting up with a couple of hundred dollars in gift certificates for prizes.

    I talked to Dan Weaver, one of the people who's supplying hardware, etc. to the site (nice guy BTW)... the site authors' know that the site's not the best looking thing yet, but wanted to get up and running quickly and are really interested in feedback from us talented folks at /. (I had to put in a blatant promotion on behalf of all of us, wouldn't you agree?) ;-)

    On second thought, maybe I could use a new t-shirt... time to fire up the airbrush, I guess. Hope I don't blow anything up this time...

    **poof** oops, big red splotch on the wife...


  • with the exception of the NeXT-logo T-shirt, I neither own nor wear any article of clothing with a logo on it.

    A couple of months ago, the company I work for dished out polo shirts with the corporate logo on to everyone in my department. I gave mine to a charity shop. (Not so much over the corporate logo issue; more that polo shirts don't work well when worn under long-sleeved shirts).

  • Besides the cash and having them displayed, would we get one of the t-shirts too? :)
  • About right now, Rob should be kicking himself for picking on all the Mac users. :>

    - Darchmare
    - Axis Mutatis,
  • Where can I find the "Slashdot" (Caliseo?) font? Preferably in TrueType format. Any help appreciated. flip
  • I think Green or Black or Red Berets with the /. insignia would be very very cool
  • I've seen a shirt with the GPL on that idea would not work anyway...
  • True. 100 bucks ain't bad at all, considering logo dev can be in the 10s of thousands

  • I thought about ordering the t-shirt with the copyleft symbol on the back. Although I praise the GPL, I didnt order the shirt because of the big nasty looking license on the back. If enough people agree, maybe we could get a batch w/o it?
  • About your sig... I've always heard the saying "An infinate number of monkeys could type the complete works of Shakespeare given an infinate amount of time". But isn't the Internet disproving the theory as we... type?

  • Of course you'd also think I'd learn how to spell "infinite"...

  • Heya,

    Artist-geek ready and willing to help.

  • I have an idea, but
    Are you accepting "concepts" or images only?
  • Well, I have three ideas now. Here's one for free:




    "This poll sucks -
    Rob is an idiot."

  • Well, mathematically, one monkey is statistically equivalent to 100, or 1000, or any finite number given infinite time. However, it's not equivalent to infinite monkeys in infinite time. Both are infinite, but the size of infinity squared is greater (yeah, I know, but ask a math professor).

  • So go get a white shirt and a magic marker? :)

  • Dunno who the artist is, but I e-mailed the company to ask if he'll submit something for /.

    The shirt they sell now absolutely ROCKS! I just bought 4 of them.

    The URL is:

    or for the lazy, click here [] .


    "Man is the only animal capable of blushing, and he is the only one that needs to." - Twain
  • I used Tux, but that's not the message of my t-shirt... it's just that i have absolutely no talent when it comes to art (heck, i even failed 5th grade sculpting -- i.e. clay ashtray class). It's pretty neato tho, considering that i gave Tux a flip-top head* (copyright of Reach, or something, cause that is a really funny commercial). Neways, this comment has kindof gone off at a tangent from where it started off, so i might as well drop my url...

    Talk about horrible scripting... i think i did this when i was 13 and just decided to cut and paste this time :) []

    niiiice long link for those of us who forgot our glasses!
  • by vern ( 61066 )
    Not that this is relavant or anything...

    The Internet Movie Database [] is your friend.

  • by Serk ( 17156 ) on Wednesday June 16, 1999 @06:08AM (#1847872) Homepage
    Rob, Even if you don't let us vote on 'em, can you put the submissions up somewhere for us to look at? I'd love to see what the artsty among us can do with this...
  • can someone post an URL to the Caliseo font? i can't find it anywhere
  • I'd love a slashdot shirt, black on white, with just "/." on the front. Nothing else.

    I'd like the same kinda thing with copyleft -- with just the copyleft symbol on the front, and not the GPL on the back.

  • by webslacker ( 15723 ) on Wednesday June 16, 1999 @06:11AM (#1847875)
    How many times Rob gets the same submission of a box with a forward slash and a period inside!
  • if we use 200 dpi, how many inches (width & height) should we look not to exceed?
  • I in agreement with you on the minimal thing.
    I too would love a copyleft shirt with just
    the copyleft logo on it. It's more subtle
    that way -- spelling out the whole GPL is
    just too blunt for me (not that I have
    anything against the GPL).

    The last time something re:Copyleft was posted
    on Slashdot, someone from their crew said that
    they'd be making such a shirt, so my hopes are
    high on this.

  • This is probably heresy, but I hardly ever, if at all, wear short-sleeved shirts. I feel the cold noticibly; if the sun is blazing down (rare in this country, but hey), but there is a slight breeze, I'll feel chilly because of the breeze. Therefore, I almost always wear a long-sleeved shirt (denim or twill, no polyester or anything like that) with a breast pocket for my pens. Mind you, I often wear a T-shirt under the shirt, but that's no way to show off a cool Slashdot T-shirt.

    How about a Slashdot pocket protector? :-)

  • Here, here! Being part of the "larger" than average nerd crowd, I do like roomy tee-shirts. Just call me XXX boy! :-)
  • Front:

    /. (nothing new here)



    of course, you'd want the actual design to have the slashes at the same angle.....

  • Do you think Copyleft could make bigger shirts (XXXL) for the "larger" nerd crowd?
  • I'd also like to see polo and denim/twill button-down shirts for those of us larger geeks who prefer a little more coverage than a t-shirt affords.

    Denim and twill shirts in all sizes would be great, for us small geeks who prefer them to T-shirts. My shirt size is "medium". I'm little.

  • Any hope of a /. sweatshirt, maybe with one of these new designs? Better yet, simply embroider a /. on the front (say 4-6 inches in size...). That's what I want...

    (mmm... warm fuzzy sweatshirt... with /. logo... mm...)
  • I go to the gym. Five days a week. That's WHY I need a XXXL.


  • Got a gnome hat t'other day, great service from those guys. I NEED a /. tee (and a way cool one would be that much better)

  • Dude, get to the Gym. Fast.
  • hemp, hemp, hemp........(aaaaaahhhh, nothing better after a long daze work)
  • Yep, great image. I first saw it over at []. I hope the t-shirt is being produced by the original artist; I would hate to think that he's getting ripped off.
  • Extensive web searching (all major engines, including google, infind, and others) found no sites that related 'font' to Caliseo

    Link please? Rob?
  • I would gladly shell out $7 for a Rob Malda/Commander Taco action figure. (with new coding action!) And heck, I'd probably buy a Katz action figure, because what good is a hero without a villian? (heh.. just to the rest of the world, Jon.)

    And there definately needs to be a talking anonymous coward figure. You push the button and it either

    • A) shouts "First Post!",
    • B) tries to incite a flamewar regarding GNOME/KDE or
    • C) takes the world by surprise and says something useful.

    But the sheets, I'm not sure about. I see /. often enough while I'm awake. The last thing I need is my slashdot addiction trying to get at me when I'm asleep.

  • I myself was considering slapping a "/." on the Ewing penguin, and calling it a logo, however, Slashdot isn't linux, Its readers might use linux, but it is News for Nerds, which is more general..
  • I have to wear ties to school (neckties)
    What i am looking for is a tie (maybe yellow?) with a big bad "Tux" on it. and possibly something with a /. also.....
  • If such a copyleft shirt is made (just the backward C in a circle,
    nothing else), I would definately get at least one. I'm for the GPL
    and all (duh, otherwise I wouldn't want the shirt) but there's
    something cool about just having that weird backwards copyright
    symbol on it.

    People that don't know will look twice at it as they pass you on
    the street, and think it's cool in a weird sort of way. Others will
    recognize it and not need to see the GPL written out on the
    back. Put me down for one of those. I've actually checked
    back several times to see if such a shirt had been added.
  • I have an idea for a t-shirt/slogan that I thought up awhile ago, but I am not artistic enough to do the art work. Anyone willing to help me on it? I can provide the details and sketch, and then you can finish up the artwork. If we win, we split the money. Anyone interested?
  • Is it just me, or does it seem that with any competition of this type, there is always a moron who fires up POV-Ray, spends five minutes making a ray-traced logo, and then submits it? Don't get me wrong, I love POV-Ray and ray-traced images (although they wouldn't quite transfer to a t-shirt that well), but everyone here's seen chrome spheres and checkered floors. Let's lay off the ray-traced logos this time. -NG

    Given infinite time, 100 monkeys could type out the complete works of Shakespeare.
  • I emailed them about it asking for 4XL and they replied that it might be possible and asked what shirt I wanted it in.

    I assume that they could work something out to get it in those sizes at that time.
    I didn't buy because I could never decide on a shirt (No design and t-shirt color combo appealed to me).

    Hope Rob picks a cool design and if they do the 4xl , they scale it to size.

    I'd like something besides my 4 different Psycho Chihuahua (available from Casual Male Big and Tall [] In case you want to dress like me)

  • Hmmm?...Wondering how many people will actually submit a design that they created all by themselves (i.e. not use Larry Ewing's)?
  • shurely: and third
  • Heh. I don't wear anything BUT t-shirts. (Unless Management forces me to wear a company shirt to a conference...) does sell long sleeved shirts though, so you don't have to buy t-shirts.
  • I wouldn't mind wearing a very cool tie when I'm lecturing or going to conferences... Like a black one covered in green cryptic /. with random principal axis direction and random spacing... mmhh... have some code to write ;)
    Or even one covered in little penguins?!

    I don't like ties mind you, but sometimes one just has to wear them :)

    Also a slogan for slashdot might be /. Are YOU hooked? ;-)


  • perferably from boogie nights!

    yeah, baby!
  • I love the idea of that.. With the /. in green, with a grey shadow..
  • All I ever DO wear are t-shirts. They are great, if its colder i wear a long-sleever on the inside, and a t-shirt on the outside.
  • How about a shirt printed to look like a sword or big knife is
    slashing a huge, jagged tear in the shirt, and next to it a large
    bullethole or burned out area printed on. Naturally, they would
    form the design you are talking about.
  • they're being printed as we speak. they'll be up on friday.
  • sure thing. i'm pretty handy at photoshop and GiMP, so i'll help out ;p let me know [mailto]
  • What I would like to see is a simple /. over the left breast and on the back a large "Slashdot" written out with the artwork that is used when an article is posted about Slashdot, such as the "Slashdot Falls From First Place" article today.
  • all these ideas i'm reading about having a /. on the breast pocket or mock neck or beret or what not are pretty easy to carry out. if you can code, you can certainly make a few stitches. or have a tailor do it. or your mom. or dad. or whoever. i think i'll start sewing them on the left breast of all my shirts, just like laverne. i'm gonna be *stylin*
  • Hey Coward!

    Where'd you find the font? Pass the URL.


  • I would love to have a nice collared shirt with a /. logo. That way I could wear it to work on causual days and be the envy of all my peers!

    I just got some Copyleft gear the other day and it is awesome, but I only wear it on the weekends. (Darn dress code at work.) I wanna show my geek pride every day of the week! :)

    (A /. tie would rock also.)

  • Hey, I'm ALL FOR Raytraced logo's, but they need to at least come up with something beside's /. on a plane.. ;-P
  • How about appending "in public" to that?
    The whole idea behind telecommuting was so I can cinch multi-billion-dollar deals butt-nekkid and stanky. (just don't tell them about the Home Office Cam).
  • by ez8 ( 29763 )
    Does any one have a picture of Heather Graham?

    "Well that's a dumb idea."--Peter Card of the Jupiter Group
  • I have this cool shirt from A-Basin. It's an all black mock turtle and right on the jugular (so it's kind of off to the side) in green letters "Vail Sucks"

    I suggest we change the words to "" It's a very stylish shirt, made of a thin cotton fabric which keeps you warm in winter and cool to termperate in the summer (as long as you stay out of the sun, it is black)

    Throw on some slacks and a jacket and you're ready for the ladies...

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