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Life Day Celebration 22

It's that time again. Yep, we're back with another episode and it's a special one. We talk about the Quake source release, Everything 2 and much more with special guest Darrick Brown.
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Life Day Celebration

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  • I almost thought that my one true pastime had passed into oblivion. I almost didn't survive the hollidays without GiS!

  • I actually listened to this show for the first time here. I'm working and it's very slow (Penn State's mainframe usage is hoovering at about 0.00000001%) So I have time.

    It's completly without useful content, revelance, and insight, but it IS funny as hell. :)

    I guess I'll give the others a listen since I'm here for another 4 hours :(


  • If they could just record a show today and post it immediately, that would be cool. Especially if they talked about what was going on TODAY. Like the DVD stuff. It doesn't have to be actually live (call-ins and stuff), but at least recent.
  • by pos ( 59949 ) on Wednesday December 29, 1999 @08:23AM (#1435859)
    Everything 2 seems to be grinding to a halt. I thought slashdoters would be prepared for slashdotting. ;)

    Anyways, can someone tell me why e2 was created? What was everything lacking? Creeping featureism? I think features are good (don't get me wrong) but really, what was missing. My opinion is that all nodes in e2 are just subject titles with a tiny bit of info. Miles wide but inches deep. (much like some parts of the internet) They say they want to catalog all of the universe's data but each topic (node) is usually 2 sentences long. Plus each new node write up seems to replace all of the data of the previous instead of adding to it.

    Perhaps I will bring it over there to discuss once it is not being slashdotted.


    The truth is more important than the facts.
  • by mathboy ( 10519 ) on Wednesday December 29, 1999 @08:34AM (#1435862)
    If you wanna talk about quake source, please set these things straight:

    1) crax0rs and others had the qc source back in 1997. id knows about this, and almost everyone had a copy.

    2) the stream protocol for network play has long been known, and there was documentation on it around in summer 96 (about 3-4 mo after q1 was released)

    What this means:

    1) most exploits to DoS quake servers were known to crax0r perps long ago, and a search of rootshell or arsT will show you 'sploits dating back a long way. THis is nothing new.

    2) bots were possible long ago. Cheats involving bots exist now and have for as long as I can remember. It seems to have gotten better, possible with peopel boring with their bots and deciding to use their own skill to play. In fact, mebbe the bots got so good, that there's now a fudge factor in place to make them look like they're more human.

    (At one point I hacked on some code with the FAQ kids (Finnish Allied Quakers who brot us the first FAQ proxy) that measured when someone took two shots in a row at someone that hit perfectly while not moving in the direction they shot - this failed a bit later when spurious false positives popped up with people using Joysticks who can look a different way from the way they're running - supposedly. Never confirmed that one. I hate JSs. Mouse play wins. [Therefore anyone with a JS must be using a bot if they're any good? :)]

    What this doenst mean:
    1) new DOSes and sploits will suddenly come out. Anyone who wanted the source has already had it in their hands for years. The only thing that might happen is professionals who are now curious as to wether that Q server they had on their network for the last 3 years is really safe or not, browse thru the code, find 18 sprintf()s and freak out and post an incredible simple scr1pt for the kiddies to demonstrate it on Bugtraq. (I think that the major things will have already been sploited in the last 3 years.)

    2) bots are a new thing, or clients that cheat are a new thing. its impossible now to detect a well written bot, so whats worse than that? more insidious exploits of internal rules to the effect of 'frag someone and grab an rl at the same time gets you 666 for the rest of the game' bug exploit? I doubt it (again in the source which has been out forever).

    And whoever was that bot author who said he's never seen a bot that cheats, get out more. What world do you live in, your local Quake lan or something? Any bot that aims for you or even quad times for you is a cheat.

    I just dont know why there wasnt an MD5 hash on every object in the game in the first place instead of the simple CRC. And so many peopel added mods that peopel started replacing their files and visiting 18 different servers. Soon server operators had to turn off the weak CRC checking anyway, so its all moot (admins in matches now check CRCs manually, but for public servers there's no checks).

    I dont think the quake source release is going to give us anything but FREE open source 3d games that indicate the talent and imagination out there in the OSS world. Something hopefully even more modularized than the original quake C, something with alot more depth than just fragging (which I got bored of, even tho I now play Quakeworld Thunderwalker+Creeper mods with 16 runes in it, and was a huge fan of the sadly never-popular stalk-and-guess-gravity-and-sky-altitude skills required when playing QUAKE PAINTBALL.)

    Hopefully whoever writes new stuff with the quake source will give us a QC language that allows concatenation of strings! :)

  • Well, I finally caved in and went back to track down the URL for the Star Wars Holiday Special because you guys brought it up again. The reviews were all too true. And from what I could tell, the stars were trying to stay off-camera as much as possible, perhaps with the hope that no one would remember their association with it.

    Seriously Wierded Out Life Day, guys!
  • it might go a little something like this...
  • Only 18 Comments? Enough bandwidth for me to download the entire MP3 version of GiS under 3 Minutes? Is no one listening to the much under-rated, briliant witerings of the GiS Crew?

    Shame on you all. Start listening, becuase if GiS stops being made, i'll have nothing to entertain me, and i'll join the hot grit's party and start anoying you all!

    I mean it, if you havn't listened already, do so now!
  • I want it! That Star wars video.. gimme gimme. Hook it up URL style.

    -- Hey, Dirty. Baby, keebler's got your money.
  • by Peale ( 9155 ) on Wednesday December 29, 1999 @02:37PM (#1435870) Homepage Journal
    Well, I passed over the 'Life Day' movie first time around, and so, upon mention of it again here, I checked it out.

    I couldn't have made a worse mistake.

    Being a self-appointed monk, I've taken the worlds sins upon my shoulders. So an adequate punishment for myself was necessary.

    I went to the closet, where I've been hording a bag of Snickers(tm) Brand mini candy bars. I sat on the couch, and ate every last one.

    My stomach bulging, I then topped that off with a full two liter bottle of Pepsi(tm) brand cola.

    Spots swimming before my eyes, I donned my jogging shorts, and went for a mile run. Keep in mind that the most exercise I get is driving a mouse.

    Got back from my run in the 16 degree weather, and took a nice hot shower. I expect the cramp in my muscles and my stomach will subside eventually.

    I did this for you, /. community. My punishment for your sins.

    Brother Peale
    (waiting to be moderated down)

    I'm sorry. What I meant to say was 'please excuse me.'
    what came out of my mouth was 'Move or I'll kill you!'

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