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Dentist pulls out all her ex-boyfriend's teeth after split

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  • I can just say that this dumb woman just ruined her own career and most probably all her future income.
  • A few are going to be batshit insane and incredibly stupid. The guy got lucky in one respect though -- his new GF broke up with him. It wasn't going to work out anyway.

    If it was the US her malpractice insurance would pay for implants. I wish I could afford them, I need to have my teeth taken out (gum disease).

  • I'm not sure, but I don't think this quite beats the guy who tattoo'd a huge turd on his ex's back. He after all got away with it. :-)

    • So, what you're saying is.. that when a relationship doesn't work out, they deserve permanent damage?

      Are you seriously approving of the turd tattoo?
      • You seem to be hung-up on the concepts of approval and endorsement. :-)

        • Maybe a little... but I do find it appalling when people essentially cheer horrible behavior towards other people.
          • I once ate a whole cube of butter...

            • Deep Fried? You can get that at the Iowa State Fair. (I didn't try it) I won't go to the Wisconsin State Fair, so no idea if it's there or not.
      • I think stupid people get what they deserve. No more, no less. Would I have done that? No. Should she have known better? Yes. Should he? Likely also yes. The difference is, the tattoo artist had a signed release, so as real world trolling goes, he's the winner here. The Dentist comes in second since she's now being investigated for malpractice.

        Then again, I'm one of those people who spends most of his waking hours in EVE ONLINE, where people are SUPPOSED to be dicks to one another. :-)

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