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Baby, 18 months old, ordered off plane at Fort Lauderdale

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  • Can we put everyone below the age of 2 on no-fly lists?

    • Are you a parent? ;-)

      • by rk ( 6314 )

        Actually, yes I am, but my one and only turns 20 this year (holy shit, I'm old!), so nyah!

    • I am also a parent, and I absolutely support putting everyone under 2 on a no-fly list.

      There have been babies that I wanted to see on a "fly-out-the-door-at-18,000 ft" list.

      When I had to fly with my baby daughter, now 23, I used to put her in a crate on the roof of the airplane. She liked it up there! The wind in her face and all. One time, I had a few too many cocktails on the airplane (they used to give them out free back then) and I forgot her on the roof of the plane when I made a connecting flight.

  • ...we demonstrate a complete lack of common sense in this country. *sigh*

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      We? You're in the Federal government? WE don't demonstrate a lack of common sense, bureaucrats do (whether government bureaucrats, airline company bureaucrats, phone company bureaucrats... I think one of the requirements of working for any large organization in any position of power requires a complete and utter lack of common sense, or at least the ability to disregard it.

      Let's see, should I pat down this elderly cancer patient or risk losing my job? Hmm...

      • WE don't demonstrate a lack of common sense, bureaucrats do

        I agree, but only to a point. By we I mean more than just governmental types. We've got zero-tolerance policies that are rigidly enforced and opportunistic people that go looking for the smallest of reasons to stir the pot (and look for the support of bureaucracy to justify their motives which many times are based only on feelings rather than a sense of doing the right things - the story that prompted the original JE being a case in point). We have

  • TFA: "They believe they were profiled"
    Potentially there is more to the story, eh?

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