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At Least 25 Million Americans Pirate Movies 392

ThinSkin writes "Roughly 18 percent of the U.S. online population has illegally downloaded a full-length movie at some point in the past, according to a telephone and online study of 2,600 Americans. A typical movie downloader is 29 years of age, while 63 percent of all downloaders are male, and 37 percent are female. Kaan Yigit, director of the study, observes, 'There is a Robin Hood effect — most people perceive celebrities and studios to be rich already and as a result don't think of movie downloading as a big deal. The current crop of 'download to own' movie services and the new ones coming into the market will need to offer greater flexibility of use, selection and low prices to convert the current users to their services — otherwise file-sharing will continue to thrive.'"
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At Least 25 Million Americans Pirate Movies

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  • Adult movies (Score:3, Informative)

    by Jerry Rivers ( 881171 ) on Thursday January 25, 2007 @07:57PM (#17760700)
    What they don't tell you, because the question is never asked because nobody would answer truthfully if it was, is that most downloaded movies are porn.
  • by geekoid ( 135745 ) <dadinportland&yahoo,com> on Thursday January 25, 2007 @08:16PM (#17760952) Homepage Journal
    What is it with you people? You are not telling anyone anything they don't know.
    People who analyize statistice account for all this, and in face it can be very close.

    Back of envelope:
    47% of americans have broadmand(call it 150 million for easy).
    25 million of those are clamied to download at least one movie.

    Thats about 18%.

    Now most people in the US with broadmand have a listed telephone number. Yes yes I know your crowd is extremly cool people no one has one, but really you are an insignifigant statistcal abnormality at this time.

    The data is not meaningless, you just have to try and understand statistics in some practical way.

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