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Hikers May Have Found Fossett Items 219

An Anonymous reader writes "CNN is reporting 'A weathered sweat shirt, cash and a pilot license with Fossett's name were found Tuesday near Mammoth Lakes, police Chief Randy Schienle said.' The license did not have a photo. '"We're not certain that it belongs to Steve Fossett, but it certainly has his name on the ID," Schienle said.'"
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Hikers May Have Found Fossett Items

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  • The body? (Score:2, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward

    The body is being kept in a cooler offsite, for a conference tomorrow in California

  • Location (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday October 01, 2008 @11:08PM (#25228619)
    I had some time to burn so I entered a few things in Google Maps. Here's the best map I could come up with [] using the takeoff location provided by Wikipedia []. There's no option for directions by plane, so I went with the walking option. Anyway ... assuming this isn't some stupid hoax, the point is (if there really is one) that the searches last year were all focused on Nevada if I remember correctly. But from the location being reported and from the map, you can see that the location they're talking about is A) in California, and B) pretty much due south from where Fossett took off from.
    • by inKubus ( 199753 )

      There's a pass there also. If you were going to cross the Sierras in a small plane, you would definitely go down to Mammoth, especially if you were going to L.A. And you never cross mountains perpendicularly, you always approach at an angle.

      So, either he's dead in the mountain somewhere and his stuff was carried there by a bear or something OR it's a treasure hunt or something. And he's out of the country with a new name, new face, and no mortgage backed security holdings. ;)

    • Re:Location (Score:5, Interesting)

      by jd ( 1658 ) <imipak AT yahoo DOT com> on Thursday October 02, 2008 @01:00AM (#25229337) Homepage Journal

      As I see it, there are essentially three possibilities. First, Steve's instrumentation failed and he flew not only in the wrong direction but also ended up flying into the lake. Unlikely, given his experience, but even the best sometimes over-rely on instrumentation, and I've spoken to some damn good WW2 pilots who have assured me that prior to reliable instrumentation, people often took a fatal wrong turning in a cloud, or mistook a really smooth river for a runway. All in all, I consider this unlikely but within the realms of possibility.

      The second option is that he crashed somewhere relatively near to where the belongings were found, where "relatively near" would be the distance you could expect a hardened survivor with plenty of experience of extreme conditions to be able to travel given his supplies and the availability of natural resources. In this case, it is possible he deliberately left a marker to (a) avoid walking in circles, and (b) inform searchers he'd survived that long and was in that general proximity. It's not unknown for people to leave such markers, and if there was a reason to believe the crash site would never be found (such as being in a lake), this could well be the only sort of marker he could realistically leave.

      The third option - the most likely but also the most depressing - is that he got clear of the wreckage but was killed by a bear or other large predator, and that what we are seeing is a location where such a predator decided to take a snack. If this is the case, we might still locate the wreck, but this may well be all we'll ever see of Steve Fossett.

    • by mortonda ( 5175 )

      There was a website once with satellite photos to help look, does anyone remember what it was?

      Kinda hard to tell from google maps, but something like this [] may be all that you can see...

      • It was set up on Amazon's Mechanical Turk page, though when I went to my bookmark last Thursday I got a page does not exist error. I haven't bothered to try navigating back to it from Amazon's front page.

  • Listen, the plane was going down. I took his money. I lost a backpack on the landing, so I just need to get that money back. You can keep the shirt. Thanks, DB Cooper
  • by Walkingshark ( 711886 ) on Thursday October 02, 2008 @12:37AM (#25229193) Homepage

    15 minutes later old man comes out of lake after a refreshing swim and says, "Hey, who the fuck took my wallet and my shirt!?"

  • It's funny both the slashdot summary and CNN note that the police said the pilot's license didn't have a photo.

    For good reason. Pilots' licenses don't have photographs. I think the police there have never seen anything like it and are just plain perplexed.

  • by JavaManJim ( 946878 ) on Thursday October 02, 2008 @01:11AM (#25229391)

    From the Mammoth Times.
    Yawn,I used Google Earth to visit the Minarets and Shadow Lake area. No blue and white trash pile evident to my untrained eye. Then perhaps the Google picture was pre accident 2006. Oh well.

    New discovery revives search for Fossett
    Wednesday, 01 October 2008
    Shortly after noon today, Mono County Sheriff Search and Rescue teams will begin a search for the wreckage of lost air-adventurer Steve Fossett's plane, which went down in the California/Nevada area a year ago September. The search is based on discovery of a sweater and three of Fossett's aviation ID cards in the Minarets on Monday by Preston Morrow, a local hiker who works at Kittredge Sports. The search will begin on the John Muir Trail between Dorothy and Shadow Lakes. Prior searches focused on land east of the Glass Mountains.

    The California Highway Patrol helicopter from Fresno will fly in the search teams.

    Fossett was declared dead in Feburary of this year.
    Last Updated ( Wednesday, 01 October 2008 )

    Source: []

  • Real breaking news (Score:5, Informative)

    by kaos07 ( 1113443 ) on Thursday October 02, 2008 @02:15AM (#25229783)
    Search crews have found some wreckage, apparently. No link because it's only a banner on CNN's website.
  • Who is Emelia Earhardt? Is she related to Amelia Earhart []?

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by east coast ( 590680 )
      She's Amelia's second cousin who has been missing since an odd, but hilarious, kite flying mishap on the shores of the Outer Banks, you insensitive clod.
  • Not his license (Score:3, Informative)

    by chord.wav ( 599850 ) on Thursday October 02, 2008 @08:35AM (#25231535) Journal
    The license did not have a photo. "We're not certain that it belongs to Steve Fossett, but it certainly has his name on the ID,"...

    Oh yeah we all have "Steve Fosset" written in our pilot licenses, specially the ones that like to go hiking.

    Why don't these self-proclaimed journalists don't do some research instead of coping and pasting the Reuters cable?

    Do all pilot licenses have a photo?
    Did his license had a photo?
    Is it in fact a pilot license or they are not sure?
  • From CNN:
    Authorities found the plane Steve Fossett was flying when he disappeared last year, but they have not found the remains of the millionaire adventurer, the Madera County, California, sheriff said Thursday. []

  • Here's a site with a photo [] of the wreckage. Doesn't look like it was survivable...

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