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Explosions and Multiple Shootings In Paris, Possible Hostages ( 965

An anonymous reader writes: Multiple sources are reporting that at least 18 people are dead across three shootings in central Paris. The Associated Press reports as many as 26, as of this writing. Some victims were at a restaurant, while others were at a nearby theater. Early reports indicate there may be a hostage situation with more people at that theater. Police have also confirmed an explosion at a bar near Stade de France stadium, where a football match was underway between France and Germany. There are reports of other explosions heard at the stadium as well, but no details yet. "The attack comes as France has heightened security measures ahead of a major global climate conference that starts in two weeks, out of fear of violent protests and potential terrorist attacks." The attacks occurred not far from where the Charlie Hebdo shooting happened in January. "French news media reported that Kalashnikov rifles had been involved in the shootings — a favored weapon of militants who have attacked targets in France — and that many rounds had been fired."
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Explosions and Multiple Shootings In Paris, Possible Hostages

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  • by swb ( 14022 ) on Friday November 13, 2015 @06:41PM (#50926819)

    These "chaos" attacks where a handful of attackers with light infantry weapons (IIRC, the Kenya mall attackers had an RPK or some kind of light machine gun) are proving very effective as terrorist attacks.

    Where will it happen next? The US?

    Frankly, I'm kind of surprised it hasn't happened in the US -- between vulnerable infrastructure, easy freedom of movement and even relatively easy access to guns, I'm really surprised that one of these kinds of attacks hasn't happened.

    I would imagine beyond the sheer terror aspect, an attack during "Black Friday" might possibly cause a pretty serious disruption to the economy if an attack happened at a shopping mall. You could potentially scare away mall customers right when business wants them.

  • Profit! (Score:5, Insightful)

    by future assassin ( 639396 ) on Friday November 13, 2015 @07:18PM (#50927135) Homepage

    Pick a country and kill people in the name of Islam
    Cause hate against non millitant/radical Muslims in that country.
    Non militant/radical Muslims become militant and radical from the new hate.

  • by Chrisje ( 471362 ) on Saturday November 14, 2015 @02:27AM (#50928857)

    Terrorism is a statistically completely irrelevant cause of death. 2014 was the most peaceful year in human history. Recently, only 0.9% of all deaths are violence related and there are indications this is on the decline. Life Expectancy is rising, Child Mortality is dropping and life seems to be moving on. Apart from Cancer, Heart, Lungs and stuff like Malaria, traffic is a big one we should be worried about, really. Having a staircase in one's house is, for instance, more dangerous than the notion of terrorism ever will be.

    Now, here come the news outlets. Apart from all this "Educating and Informing The People", "Freedom of Speecht" and "Checks and Balances" bullshit, the press and media generally exist to make money. In some cases they even seem to exist for more Machiavellian purposes, but to make money is a biggie. So when something as statistically insignificant as a terror attack happens *Close By*, the news explodes. It's like a gigantic circle jerk in which everyone and their uncle needs to fill yards and yards of column space or air time to talk about What May Have Happened, Why It May Have Happened or What May Happen Next and Which Refugees To Treat Like Shit Because Of This.

    So generally speaking, the Media seem to take events like this and add to the sense of fear that terrorists would have instilled in the citizenry. As such, I'm beginning to view the media as culpable in the problem of terrorism, because any wacko can get a world wide platform by misbehaving in an instant. Social media are even worse when it comes to knee jerk bullshit and mass panic.

    Which leads me to Slashdot. I think Slashdot is a haven of alternative news which offers refreshing takes on things, interesting articles, sometimes brilliant and inspired discussions. It is a news aggregator / outlet that works differently, feels differently and makes me feel at home in more than a few ways.

    I am sad to see that even here, there needs to be a discussion on Paris. I came here to avoid that news. Moreover, I came here to avoid certain discussions about Guns, Islam, The Administration and Refugees. Because these discussions are boringly predictable, polarised, fraught with no-fact-debates and generally just plain stupid.

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