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GoPro Announces Third-Party Developer Program With Over 100 Partners (zdnet.com) 15

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: GoPro quietly announced its Developer Program on Thursday as it looks to incorporate its action sports cameras into third-party products. The GoPro Developer Program provides toolkits, technical information and support to enable companies to add GoPro camera connectivity into their products. There is a camera toolkit for iOS and Android apps to control a GoPro camera and manage media, along with a mechanical toolkit to attach GoPro cameras to third-party products. It announced there are more than 100 companies partnering with GoPro, including brands from BMW, Fisher-Price, and Polar. GoPro showed off potential third-party integration ideas in a video showing a gesture-based camera control system.
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GoPro Announces Third-Party Developer Program With Over 100 Partners

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    Wait, this gopro is not the gopro they are talking about right?

  • by Harlequin80 ( 1671040 ) on Thursday April 14, 2016 @09:02PM (#51912463)

    Their Hero 3 was simply too good a product. They sold a cubic butt load of them, but these things just don't break. So their market went from a new market to a saturated market in a very short space of time. The market has matured, those that wanted a GoPro type camera already have one, but investors are looking for the same level of growth / return. Because that is impossible GoPro's share price has tanked.

    • There must be a way that they could engineer a new product to be both more sexy and less durable. Educate people on how much they want it, and that only douchebags don't have it. Couple that strategy with stock buy backs, and they'll have a bold, world-class business strategy for the new millennium.
    • It looks like the developer program is aiming to help deprecate the Hero 3.
      The one app currently listed has support for the Hero4 only (it doesn't even support the session). I'm guessing this means the sdk only supports the Hero4. Without applying and paying $99, I can't be sure...

  • by ConfusedVorlon ( 657247 ) on Friday April 15, 2016 @06:02AM (#51913819) Homepage

    It seems odd for GoPro to expect to charge for access to their SDK.

    I have an app which could certainly benefit from GoPro integration, I imagine I'd be making a positive contribution to their ecosystem as well.
    I'm not going to pay $99 for the privilege though - particularly when there is an unofficial SDK already available on Github.

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