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TeamViewer Servers Go Down, Users Believe They Are Hacked ( 124

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Softpedia: Something is happening with TeamViewers servers at the moment, and all clues point to a massive breach that has led to many users going on Reddit and complaining about having their computers hacked. Some users have reported finding new transactions in their PayPal and bank accounts, while others discovered someone had been poking around their email account. Other lucky users said they barely avoided getting hacked at the last minute, noticing their mouse starting to move across the screen, and hurrying to disconnect their Internet connection. On Twitter, the TeamViewer team wrote that they're only experiencing issues in some parts of their network, but they denied any security breach, at least on their side. In the past months, we've seen malware use TeamViewer many times to infect computers, but most of those cases were because of users who used weak passwords, which is certainly not TeamViewer's fault. It is strange that this time around, just when TeamViewer servers go down, multiple users also flock to social media to complain about getting hacked. This is either one huge strange cosmic coincidence or TeamViewer is really at fault and won't be able to pin the blame on its users. On a semi-related note, PayPal will be suspending their business operations in Turkey after failing to obtain a new license for its service in the country.
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TeamViewer Servers Go Down, Users Believe They Are Hacked

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  • by schneidafunk ( 795759 ) on Wednesday June 01, 2016 @07:26PM (#52229409)

    A totally different story!

    • by Kargan ( 250092 )

      How the heck is that even remotely related to the TeamViewer article??

      • As a managed service provider, we use Teamviewer constantly to support customers. It's a legitimate company offering quick remote services that's easy (for the end user) to install for quick temporary help. We also use Kaseya which offers a full feature client but the licensing is very expensive so we use that for clients who are willing to pay more for a support contract with 24x7 logging, patch management, etc..
      • by fightermagethief ( 3645291 ) on Wednesday June 01, 2016 @08:31PM (#52229701)

        Hackers like to use domains based in countries where the US has poor judicial reach, like Turkey. Turkey is a common bird served at Thanksgiving which contains tryptophan, known for sleep inducing effects. You have to be "asleep" to not see the conspiratorial aims of the western patriarchy which prefers Teamviewer for command and control of its paypal botnet.
        I guess they just wait until you fall asleep so you don't see the mouse moving on the screen. Maybe not so bad compared to getting ssh'ed and your logs erased.

        • They take over your webcam, and each moment your eyes drift close they move your mouse. Sometimes it can take an hour or more for them to cautiously position the mouse where they want it to take control over your computer, but they are patient, crafty little devils.

    • by ADRA ( 37398 )

      A story that was already a dup!

    • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

      Not only a totally different story, but a reference to an earlier post as well.. almost as if the "You may also like to read" section doesn't exist.

      So I guess it's "related" in that the stories appeared on /.?

  • X does 3 more things than Y and leads to an increase in A, B and C.

    On a semi-related note, Space-x lands a reusable rocket.

    It seems like 1 articles sensationalist claims are targeting 2 birds. /.'s stories have become a joke - sigh

  • Teamviewer says that there is no breach. That users that were compromised had not secured their remote systems with a password. I'm a teamviewer user, and have not had any of my systems compromised. It also seems apparent from the Reddit threads, that most of those people just left connections constantly open without even locking the remote system screen.
    • I'm confused here. I'm visiting my mother tomorrow, so I will check out TeamViewer. But there is no saved password and no web account. It randomly creates a passcode each time it is started, then that is read out to me over the phone, I type it in to my copy of TeamViewer and then I am connected. There is no web browser involved. It is very simple to use. It seems secure because it is a new password every single time it is used, I don't have to worry about my mother using her typical 4 character passw

  • Just went through this on Monday. I have an uncle I help remotely from time to time so I have(had) team viewer installed as a service. Get a call that someone had started remote controlling his laptop. He rebooted and uninstalled it immediately from his laptop and I changed up the team viewer passwords.
    • So there is at least one anecdotal story here that the account that was hacked was passworded, which means TV's claim it was unsecured TV accounts that were hacked seem a little less believable. If you mind me asking, was it a reasonably complex password?

      • Monday morning i came to my computer and saw the typical 'this session was free' message and $800 of Amazon gift cards purchased and attempts for eBay purchases. Checked the logs and it showed that 'I' connected through teamviewer. I checked the only other computer in my contact list that was online and it has similar attempts in amazon and eBay (no account info for that computer). To me, this says someone was for sure signed in under my user in TV. My password is a pretty strong password with upper, lower,
  • by sims 2 ( 994794 ) on Thursday June 02, 2016 @01:04AM (#52230535)

    I only use team viewer occasionally and I think only have one macine running with it installed.

    Anyway I setup a teamviewer account back in 2010 but I didn't end up needing it I had not recived any emails from them until this year and now i'm getting "New contact request" emails from teamviewer.

    Is this some type of overly complicated spam or what?
    who is this "ARIA-PC"?

  • Me too (Score:2, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward

    I saw my Paypal e-mailed me today that there was a transaction. I immediately disputed that transaction and changed my password. I didn't know it was through TeamViewer that the hacker got in until now. So I've turned off all Teamviewer on my computers. I changed Teamviewer's password too, before that when I saw the log, it said someone logged in from Beijing yesterday. So far I haven't found any other unauthorized transaction yet other than 1 on Paypal which they refunded me already. Cross fingers th

    • Re: (Score:2, Informative)

      by Anonymous Coward

      You saw logs that confirm that someone gained unauthorized entry into your system? Your system is compromised. And even if it's not, you should assume it is.

      You should immediately:
      1) Unplug the network connection.
      2) Back up any important files to a WORM media device, like a DVD. Don't plug a write-many device into your computer.
      3) Wipe all drives.
      4) Check all drives (and any write-many devices you've plugged in to the system) for boot-sector nasties.
      5) Reinstall everything. Except TeamViewer, of course, bec

      • by Cederic ( 9623 )

        It's depressing when you read a post full of complete paranoia from an Anonymous Coward and find yourself agreeing with every recommendation and its necessity.

        What's worse is that Slashdot now has readers for whom this sort of guidance appears to be necessary :(

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