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Hackers Hit 6,000 Sites On Active 18-Month Carding Spree ( 39

mask.of.sanity writes from a report via The Register: Hackers have installed skimming scripts on more than 6,000 online stores and are adding 85 each day in a wide-scale active operation that may have compromised hundreds of thousands of credit cards. The malware is infecting stores (full list) running vulnerable versions of the Magento ecommerce platform, and also compromised the U.S. National Republican Senatorial Committee store. "Given that there are [about] 5,900 other skimmed stores, and the malpractice has been going on since at least May last year, I would expect the number of stolen cards in the hundreds of thousands," said Dutch developer Willem de Groot. You can read his blog post to learn more.
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Hackers Hit 6,000 Sites On Active 18-Month Carding Spree

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