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A Case For Why Movie-Theater Experience Is Still Worth the Effort ( 370

It's all but confirmed that major Hollywood studios are chalking out plans to make movies available in the home mere weeks after their theatrical debuts. Some director and producers, including Christopher Nolan of Inception, The Dark Knight, The Prestige and Interstellar fame are seemingly opposed to the idea, urging people to watch movies at the theaters for "best experience." The Verge has an article today in which it lists 10 reasons it thinks people should not stop going to the cinema halls. From the article, condensed for space:
1. The big screen. There's something to be said about watching visual storytelling on a three-story screen, particularly when the film really takes advantage of the format.
2. People everywhere. A group of people laughing together simultaneously triggers a feeling that you should laugh, too; during a suspenseful moment, you can feel dozens of strangers suck in their breath together.
3. Focus. Even people who try their hardest to give a movie their undivided attention on a living-room screen have fallen victim to temptations like "Well, I'm just sitting here, I might as well pay the electric bill."
4. Relentlessness. Part of the advantage of that kind of focus is that movies that are tense, scary, or deeply emotional can cast much more of a spell over you when you don't have the option to pause or turn away from the worst, then rewind later to catch it safely out of context.
5. A massive speaker system.
6. Previews.
7. Disruption. A problem with watching movies at home is that it makes the film-watching experience blur into the same experience as surfing cable channels, running a Netflix comedy show in the background while you do dishes, or half-assedly watching an Adventure Time marathon while stoned.
8. Alone time. Going to the movies with friends or your significant other can be a cherished pastime, especially when you're surrounded by an excited audience.
9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark.
10. Bragging rights.

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A Case For Why Movie-Theater Experience Is Still Worth the Effort

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  • by al0ha ( 1262684 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:48PM (#54172199) Journal
    Main reason not to go, in Los Angeles at least, are disruptive, annoying and inconsiderate people.

    Once only studio execs had bitchin' screening rooms at home; now thanks to technology we all do, and besides, free beer at home!
    • by Fire_Wraith ( 1460385 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:55PM (#54172253)
      That was one thing I loved about living near an Alamo Cinema and Drafthouse. They were hardcore relentless about tossing out anyone who was disruptive or used their phones. One warning, and then out they go, no refunds. That, and having a nice selection of beers on tap that they would bring to your seat (along with food/other drinks/etc) during the film was great too.
    • This depends on the movie. A crapshow like "Catwoman" is only redeemed by watching it in a ghetto theater.

    • Once only studio execs had bitchin' screening rooms at home; now thanks to technology we all do

      You mean the same execs that are now telling us that we should watch films at the cinema and not at home? I suspect the only experience they are worried we might miss is the one which involves a large transfer of money from us to them and personally I think that's an experience I am happy to miss out on.

    • I think not, a decent Home Theater Room will still set you back 20-40K and require you dedicate space in your home to said HT. Even at $12 a pop 20K will pay for a hell of a lot of movie tickets,

      4K Projector 10K
      Good 120" screen 1K
      HT receiver ATMOS Capable 2K
      Speaker System 3K
      Subwoofer 1K
      Installation costs 5-10K

      Those are mid-range HT parts. It goes up from there. And damn the 2yr old HT receiver doesn't support HDR pass-through, now you need a new receiver.

      A 65" screen with a soundbar does not equal a Home

      • Re:Everyone? (Score:5, Insightful)

        by farble1670 ( 803356 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @03:48PM (#54172787)

        A 65" screen with a soundbar does not equal a Home Theater.

        There's no spec sheet for a home theater, it's whatever someone is happy with. My 65" TV and 2.1 soundbar are more than adequate.

      • by tlhIngan ( 30335 )

        I think not, a decent Home Theater Room will still set you back 20-40K and require you dedicate space in your home to said HT. Even at $12 a pop 20K will pay for a hell of a lot of movie tickets,

        4K Projector 10K
        Good 120" screen 1K
        HT receiver ATMOS Capable 2K
        Speaker System 3K
        Subwoofer 1K
        Installation costs 5-10K

        Those are mid-range HT parts. It goes up from there. And damn the 2yr old HT receiver doesn't support HDR pass-through, now you need a new receiver.

        You underestimated the prices. A low end Atmos receiv

        • I was using low to mid-range budget numbers just for parts, not including installation and calibration costs. Dedicating space in a home is another thing people don't think about.

          Most people have no idea how much it costs to actually build a true HT. If I had said 50K-100K slashdotters would think is was nuts.

          That 65" screen with a soundbar is plenty adequate for most people to watch on. It is for me, especially sports but don't go thinking you have a Home Theater.

        • You'll never get good sound without superconductor speaker cables and a continuous supply of liquid nitrogen to keep then working. Don't forget the extra virgin olive oil to keep the electrons lubricated.
    • and besides, free beer at home!

      Damnit! My house didn't come with free beer. I have to go to the grocery store and buy mine. That's the last straw, I'm selling my house and moving to one that has free beer.

  • Nonsense (Score:5, Insightful)

    by TempusMagus ( 723668 ) * on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:48PM (#54172205) Homepage Journal
    The modern movie-going experience is horrible. Bad food at a high-price, noisy patrons and then finally when you get situated you are bombarded with obnoxious advertising. Seriously? I'll take a home experience any day of the week than be stuck in some dark TGIFridays-like tacky environment.
    • Agreed. The "modern" theater experience does need to die. The theater business does not necessarily need to die along with it, but it does need to contract/re-balance somewhat. Having first-run movies available at home should give the mainstream public an alternative to showing up at the theater. Decreased theater demand should then lead to lower prices, which inevitably will lead to fewer theaters. However, I believe there will always be people who want to see "Theater Movies" in an actual theater, an

  • by avandesande ( 143899 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:52PM (#54172233) Journal
    Movie theaters were successful because people had no option to view a movie otherwise. Sorry guys but theaters are going the way of the dodo bird. If anything enthusiasts will start clubs with small projectors etc but there will be no demand for what we have now.
  • Debunked (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:52PM (#54172237)

    1. The big screen. - My poor neck.

    2. People everywhere. - Making noise, talking on their phone, a baby crying in a R rated movie...

    3. Focus. - Painfully holding in my piss.

    4. Relentlessness. - Still painfully holding in my piss.

    5. A massive speaker system. - My poor ears, no volume control.

    6. Previews. - Ads.

    7. Disruption. - Um, disruption is a bad thing.

    8. Alone time. - I'm with people who the fuck wrote this.

    9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark. - Diabetes woooo!

    10. Bragging rights. - People brag about going to the movies? How sad.

    • My poor neck.

      For the first rebooting of Star Trek I came too late. I was stuck in the front row. Being just a few feet form the 3 story screen, I spent the entire movie half out of my seat contorted, trying to see what was going on. I wanted to lay on the floor, but was too embarrassed to try that position.

  • Camp (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Thelasko ( 1196535 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:53PM (#54172239) Journal
    The best reason to go see a film in a theater is because it's a camp film. []

    For example: Snakes on a Plane is much better in a theater than at home. It's something about the vibe in the theater during those films. It's kind of like a live action MST3K.
  • umm (Score:4, Insightful)

    by zlives ( 2009072 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:54PM (#54172249)

    1. The big screen. Have a big screen at home, all THX like and stuff
    2. People everywhere. find them annoying so not a plus
    3. Focus. if the movie sucks enough that paying bills is a valid option... its a valid option
    4. Relentlessness. right... oops i dropped that popcorn down (or whatever) ... what did they say ?
    5. A massive speaker system. got it
    6. Previews. you mean advertising? not missing it
    7. Disruption. you are doing it wrong
    8. Alone time. its a cherished time for me at home too
    9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark. and thats a PLUS?
    10. Bragging rights. about what? wtf

  • by WrongMonkey ( 1027334 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:56PM (#54172261)
    IMO (and the consensus in the comments on the last story): the only theaters worth going to are Drafthouse-style restaurant/bar theaters. In which case you're basically paying for a night out with friends at a bar and the movie itself is almost a secondary draw.
  • by ottawanker ( 597020 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:56PM (#54172265) Homepage

    10 Reasons Not To Go:

    1. The big screen. You can barely see the whole thing without turning your head, especially if you get stuck near the front.
    2. People everywhere. They spend all movie talking and kicking your seat.
    3. Focus. Because most movies have boring parts.
    4. Relentlessness.Because 2 hours is a long time to go without using the toilet.
    5. A massive speaker system. Louder isn't always better, and it still isn't loud enough to drown out cell phones.
    6. Previews. What a waste of time, watching all the best parts of movies I don't even want to see.
    7. Disruption. Pizza is here!
    8. Alone time. Even in a dim movie theater it's hard to get off.
    9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark. At least my floors at home aren't sticky.
    10. Bragging rights.

    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      by Anonymous Coward

      Sounds like #9 is in direct conflict with #8. I mean... DIRECT CONFLICT!

    • 11. Only one armrest if theater is crowded.
  • Counterpoints (Score:5, Insightful)

    by SuperKendall ( 25149 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @02:56PM (#54172269)

    1. The big screen.

    A projector gives you the same field of view at home and with better control of your height in relation to the screen.

    2. People everywhere.

    As my rapid breathing on reading this can attest, this is a huge NEGATIVE for many people.

    3. Focus.

    Do most movies DESERVE your full focus? At home the degree of focus you give an be proportionate to the amount the movie deserves.

    I have no trouble fully focusing on GOOD movies at home, you just need to darken the room well.

    4. Relentlessness.

    That one aspect I will give you, though even the most modest level of self control can put down the remote for a whole movie no matter what.

    5. A massive speaker system. ... that sucks balls. Seriously you could spend $100-$200 and have better sound than most theaters offer, with much greater control over OMG BASE levels.

    6. Previews. But seriously after you've seen trailers once if you go to ANY more movies you are watching the same trailers over and over and over again, for well over a half hour before the actual movie starts. A massive waste of time.

    7. Disruption.

    Again, dim the room. You can easily create a special space around movie watching.

    8. Alone time.

    Hey what happened to the value of #2? That's right, even the list writer admits that PEOPLE SUCK.

    9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark.

    Home can be dark too, and you can have a lot more (or less) than 32oz of... WHATEVER YOU DESIRE.

    10. Bragging rights.

    *rolling eyes now*

    If you mean that you've seen a movie when most others have not, bravo. That puts you right up there with every torrent user on earth. You want to brag about being on-par with heavy torrent users, really?

    • Geez... Whoever wrote this article is an idiot.. Number 2 and 8 conflict.. I get some nice "alone time" or have close friends over to watch a movie here at home.. Fuck the noisy punks, sticky floors, high snack prices at theaters.. I don't do theaters, just like I don't do Windows anymore...

    • I was going to post counterpoints, but you beat me to it. However, my counterpoints complement yours rather that just repeat them.

      1. The big screen.

      TV's are large enough and cheap enough that I can have a screen as large as I want, and no larger. My home TV sizes are perfect for my environment. At the theater, the screen is either too big (front row seats), too small (back row seats), or not much larger than my living room TV (center seats). This is a non-issue.

      2. People everywhere.

      This is a good reason

      • That is a great point about the "relentlessness" being a huge drawback in relation to physical needs, especially as movie lengths draw out... because theater previews are so long to start with, there have been times when I've eaten a lot of my food and consumed most of my drink before a movie even began. I have a pretty decent holding capacity bladder wise but there have been a few movies where by the end I was anxious to get out and it was really detracting from my enjoyment of the movie by the end, not t

  • 1. Nice, but still easily enjoyable on a regular TV

    2. Loud, crowded, if you need to go to the bathroom you have to move in front of people or, if you sit on the end, people are always disturbing you.

    3. If you lose focus at home, just rewind

    4. At home you can rewatch a particularly enjoyable/tense/scary scene

    5. That is usually too loud

    6. Unskippable ads

    7. What's more disrupting than missing part of the movie to get a refill, go to the bathroom, or have other people distracting you?

    8. How do you have quality

  • Ok I'm not a theater person but I did see the last Star Trek movie in XD (4K 3d). The 3d effect was alright but seeing 4K on a big screen was incredible. Every detail was in focus, you could make out the text on displays all around the ship.

    • by zlives ( 2009072 )

      i was pretty sure there wasn't anything like 4k 3D, also the last ST was in UHD not true 4k anyway. but just wondering if XD = 4k3d

      source appreciated.

  • 32 oz of soda? That much sugar and caffeine are probably a big reason why people like going to the movies, who wouldn't feel good after absorbing that much calories and caffeine. No thanks.
    If you live in/near a major city the theater is a goddamn trainwreck; the theater experience is nice if you live in/near a rich suburb. That's it. I just make a mental note to check if a movie is out for rental a couple months after release... If I remember.

  • Reasons to only go to the Alamo Drafthouse 1. Beer. Full bar. 2. Pretty good menu. 3. PSA's that are legendary. [] 4. Nice big seats, lots of room.
    • Was just coming to post the reasons to go to the Alamo as really the only reasons to go to a theater.

      You left off my personal favorite: fried pickles

      (in general, their food sucks, but there are a few bright spots on the menu).

      Fried pickles, beer, and the great pre-preview content (including the PSAs) are what keep me going there.

    • Magnited States of America!
  • I wonder who paid Verge to run this stupid article, and how much they got paid... I won two $10 giftcards for a large movie theater chain from a raffle and peddled them off on Craigslist for face value.. If/when a movie comes out I actually *want* to see, I wait till its on Redbox, rent it for the day, pop it in my DVD drive on the computer, rip it to my Plex media server and watch it from there on my bigscreen tv.. Haven't been in a theater in close to ten years and not planning on that changing.. Waiting

  • 1. Large screens are fairly affordable at home. In fact, with the shorter viewing distance, the screen may fill more of your field of vision.

    2. Other theater-goers are more likely to be a distraction than a benefit, based on my experiences.

    3. Failing to focus on the movie is a personal issue. Understandably, this can be a problem for parents---but you can have someone watch the kids whether you go out or stay in.

    4. I don't know anyone this applies to. I haven't seen anyone do this as far as I remember. Seem

  • Actually, the item "32 ounces of cola in the dark" is a reason to watch movies at home, since when you're at home, you can pause the movie when you suddenly have a desperate need to take the break to dispose of that cola, while in a movie theatre, not only won't they pause the movie for you, you will annoy all the other watchers as you say "Excuse me" and slide out (and risk missing the big scene).

    (I've learned to not take that 32-ounce cola into a film, for just that reason).

  • OMGLOLWTFBBQ (Score:5, Informative)

    by sootman ( 158191 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @03:04PM (#54172331) Homepage Journal

    Holy fucking fuck, what a bullshit article. Did movie studios pay for that? How can ANYONE possibly believe the BULLSHIT they wrote?

    A mere 20 comments here so far and already 5 people have demolished the list in much the same way. Allow me to pic ONE point from TFA itself:

    Focus... In the movie theater, all you have is your chair, any snacks you brought or bought, and the movie youâ(TM)re there to watch.

    ARE YOU FUCKING HIGH? What planet do you watch movies on? Fucking LIAR! Yeah, there are no distractions in the theater... except for idiots talking, and idiots who bring kids and babies to loud-ass grown-up movies late at night, and people using their phones, and people going in and out in front of you, and the doors in the back opening and letting in light and sound, and people messing with their leg position in the newly-installed powered recliners, and...

    Fuck you, The Verge. That article is thoroughly dishonest and does not deserve to be called journalism. As an opinion piece, it is EASILY picked apart. As anything else, it doesn't even qualify.

  • If theaters want people to come back, they need to have 21+ only screenings of PG-13 and R movies on opening weekend.

    Obnoxious kids and crying babies in theaters is what drives people away. And since most of the money for a theater is made on opening weekend, that would be the time to not drive paying customers away.

    Those people can still come, but those people who don't want to deal with them, need that option.

  • So not only is half of my screen presently covered with previously absent ads when I read /., but now the stories themselves are also thinly veiled advertisements, this one for going to the movie theater of all things.

    What the hell guys?

  • 1. In some cases, but perceived screen size is relative to your distance from it. A medium-sized TV can sufficiently fill my visual field as long as I'm not sitting clear across the room from it. Maybe not quite the same, but close enough for me. Bonus: My sofa's comfier than most theater chairs - and less sticky - and no tall people ever sit in front of me at home and block a corner of the screen (except the cat sometimes).

    2. I don't need a group of people telling me when to laugh, thank you very muc
  • Anybody else feel like The Verge should have stopped at 7 reasons?
  • ... then they are screwed.

    We still go to the theater occasionally - it's kinda fun if done once in awhile and the theaters near me don't tend to have the "problem people", and I like movie theater popcorn - but watching from the convenience and comfort of my home is just really, really tough to beat.

    The weakness of this list is itself a testament to why people like to watch stuff at home.

    • It's a romantic list. They're having a romantic fantasy about the good old days of the cinema.

      • Hey, I think you're right. They should add:

        #11. A night at the cinema is a fun time for the ladies to put on their best dresses and for the men to don their most dapper suits and ties.

  • Some of these are a little valid but more are BS:

    1) Sort of valid but then big screens are available at home these days. It is all about size vs distance, you don't need as big a screen if you are close.

    2) Can be nice but can be hell. Yes watching movies with friends is nice (can do that at home) but other people are often inconsiderate.

    3) ...what? You can be as focused, or not, as you want at home or at the theater.

    4) This is just dumb.

    5) This is not an advantage IMO. Not because I dislike good sound, but

  • Is the news so slow today that they must fall back to this waste of time? Or was this an attempt to show more advertisements on the website by trolling the readers with stupid claims to get them to go to the comments page?
  • Took my family to see the new Power Rangers movie yesterday at my local Cineplex Movie Theater. Haven't been there in almost a year.

    There was a grand total of 6 people in there, including my family of 4.

  • ... stupid people and their smartphones. You can list all the reasons in favor that you want, but more often than not, somewhere during the movie, someone thinks that whatever is going on on his/her smartphone is so important that the entire theater should be interrupted from their enjoyment of the movie.
  • I thought that was 10 ounces of ice, 20 ounces of water and 2 ounce of normal strength cola. Better known as badly flavored water. All for only $4.
    Or we could just pick up a 32 ounces of actual normal strength cola from the store for maybe $1.25 to drink at home. Maybe even get another 64 ounces for still less than the price you will pay at the theater.
  • People everywhere

    Sometimes this is a plus, but 9 times out of ten it is just annoying.


    Speaking of focus. Occasionally the picture is slightly out of focus. Annoying as hell.

    A massive speaker system

    This is usually a positive, but sometimes they turn it up too loud. That does not make a pleasant experience at all, and this just doesn't happen at home.


    How about starting the movie at the advertised time instead?


    Was this not covered by Focus? Not once have disruptions been a worse problem at home than at the theater...

    9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark. 10. Bragging rights.

    Who the hell are they trying

  • by pecosdave ( 536896 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @03:26PM (#54172521) Homepage Journal

    (My wife has a serious pause button abuse issue)

  • We're not going to vote on whether or not I go to the movie theater. I really don't give a shit why other people like it or don't.

  • The only real reason is because movies come out there first.

    If you care about movies, your home setup is probably more comfortable and customized and to your liking than a theater anyway. And if you don't care that much, then you probably don't care how much better a theater is either.

    You can posture all you want, but we watched Blockbuster, an empire rise and fall on the backs of people willing to watch ~333 pixel tall half-worn-out VHS tapes every damn weekend.

    4k digital cinemas have almost no re
  • I really want to know. Here in Berlin/Germany cinemas charge about 5€ (US$ 5.33) for one liter (I think that's the equivalent of 32 ounces) Coca Cola or Pepsi.
  • The last time I went to a movie I brought earplugs (and could still hear everything perfectly). This is a major reason I avoid theaters.

  • 1. The big screen.

    And no subtitles, or at least no subtitle system that doesn't burn up your eye muscles trying to focus at vastly different distances.

    2. People everywhere.

    Talking on their phones and to each other during the show, answering texts, spilling popcorn and soda all over the place and talking to each other during the show. and incidentally getting you charged with assault if you nudge them to call their attention to the above facts.

    3. Focus.

    Matter of pure choice on the part of the viewer.

    4. R

  • Follow the money. Who owns the theater chains? What do they own?

    Watch this hand... I'll be picking your pocket with the other.

  • by TheHawke ( 237817 ) <rchapin&stx,rr,com> on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @03:35PM (#54172629)

    Went to a viewing of Rogue One and they had the volume cranked to 11, it made me miserable as hell. I left the theater with ringing ears and a massive headache.

    I could not tell where the action was at due to the muddy imaging of the sound.


    I plan to watch Ghost In The Shell and take earplugs along.

  • A theater size screen requires a large room which provides a physical setting/vibe you can't get at home. A computer monitor with headphones, a large screen in a home, and a movie theater can all provide the same field of view with relative comfort and good audio but the experience for each is slightly different. For increasing numbers I suppose the unique theater experience isn't really worth it, but for some it probably always will.
  • by lophophore ( 4087 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @03:39PM (#54172691) Homepage

    1. The ridiculous ticket prices, when compared to subsequent rental or blu-ray purchase.
    2. The ridiculous snack bar prices. $6.50 for 30 cents worth of popcorn? $5 for a paper cup of fizzy corn-sweetener water?
    3. The talking idiots behind you. you cannot shut them up. the theater does not care.
    4. The texting idiots in front of you. phone screen as bright at a truck headlight in a dark theater. inconsiderate wankers don't care.
    5. the uncomfortable sardine seating (in most theaters, some have better seating but for most, there is very little personal space)
    6. the box-office lines. 50 people in line and one math-challenged high-schooler making change.
    7. parking at the theater. hundreds of yards from the door at many big movie-plexes.
    8. driving to the theater. so much more time-efficient to never leave the house.
    9. the fact that at most theaters YOU CAN'T GET A BEER. (...most... not all... and when you can it is disruptive to those around you.)
    10. the fact that you cannot pause the film to answer a nature call.

    I've got a 75" TV with watts and watts of 7.1 audio. A nice comfortable recliner. Privacy to do what ever I want when the film plays. Beer, liquor, munchies, a clean bathroom just steps away. I don't know why anybody goes to the movie theater at all any more, I'd rather sit on a hill of fire ants. Movies at home are awesome.

  • Ah, you mean the reason I wear earplugs when I go to the movies?
  • Why is it that whenever I legally watch a movie the studios shove a bunch of previews at me that I can't skip through? You go to the movies and you sit through a bunch of them. I have a bunch of DVDs that force you to watch previews and that wonderful FBI warning about privacy. It's especially bad because for that movie I bought 10 years ago I think that movie that was coming soon has already come and gone but I'm stuck watching it. (Well I would be if I hadn't ripped it onto my computer.)

    The studios attit

  • 1. The big screen.
    Ah yes the screen is big, but the projector is digital in most theatres. I can see jagged pixels and strangely jerky flow to action scenes. Yuck.

    2. People everywhere.
    Haha no.

    3. Focus.
    OK I see people fucking around with their phones at EVERY film, you name it, somebody has found a distraction. And their distraction becomes my distraction. At home I dim the lights (where available) and really dig into some movies. My focus at home is far more intense than in the theatre, which is why I sometimes discover a film I thought was only so-so in the theatre is actually quite brilliant when I get to really focus on it at home.

    4. Relentlessness.
    True Story: I was watching Return of the Jedi when it went to the big screen in 1997, the line "My son is with them. Are you sure? I have felt him." some jackass in the back row yelled out at top volume "THAT'S SICK!", everyone in the theatre laughed and the tension of the scene was utterly destroyed thanks to one hilarious bastard

    5. A massive speaker system.
    Great if its actually working and actually calibrated. Most theatres I've been to lately present blown-sounding subwoofers and barely audible mid-range. Again from experience when I saw the first Matrix sequel there was a significant short and all I could hear was interference, it was SO BAD I couldn't hear any of the speech The Architect character gave (upon home viewing I didn't miss anything)

    6. Previews.
    Are you for fucking real? ODDLY ENOUGH from my Star Wars Special Edition story above, one of the previews was for the original Austin Powers, the trailer made it look utterly awful, turns out it was one of the funniest films of that year. Trailers are annoying and rarely if ever represent what you'll actually get. A marketing tool that serves absolutely no functional purpose. Also let's face it if you open YouTube how many videos can you go before you are hit with some movie preview?

    7. Disruption.
    Disruption like an auditorium full of noisy easily distracted humans??

    8. Alone time.

    9. 32 ounces of cola in the dark.
    When I saw Titanic (man I saw a lot of movies in 1997?) I ordered the Tubb O' Pop and was happily slurping it down and literally THE SECOND the ship hit that damned iceberg I had to piss or die. I couldn't wait, the one part of the movie I'd waded through other garbage to finally see and I HAD TO GO. So I did, and tried to rush back to my seat as quickly as possible but man, so much was missed. At home I just pause if I have to (which is rare because I don't abuse myself by cramming a liter of pop into my face over the course of one movie)

    10. Bragging rights.
    Heeeeey! Look at meeeeee! I just spent $40 to sit in a smelly claustrophobic room full of noisy distracted people so I could watch 30 minutes of commercials and then a movie I couldn't properly hear the dialog to that was projected at just enough of an odd angle to make the pixels on the right hand side of the frame far more visible than the blur on the left.


  • by Oswald McWeany ( 2428506 ) on Tuesday April 04, 2017 @03:46PM (#54172759)

    Here are the reasons I love going to the Cinema.

    1) At home I have to worry about ruining my carpet if I spill my drink. At the cinema I can splash it around without worrying about making my floor sticky.
    2) It gets dark in the cinema so I can see my phone screen really well. This makes it great for texting or looking at the list of contacts to pick someone to call.
    3) Sometimes the movie screen makes a great photo op. I love to stand up with my budies and take a selfie.
    4) It's a great place to catch up on gossip. I can talk with my friends about who is seeing who and oh my god, what they did last weekend.
    5) You can put your feet up. The seat in front makes a great footrest.
    6) I can leave the kids at home and make out with my lover in the middle of the cinema without the kids bothering me asking for beer and crap.
    7) Or, I can take my kids, let them scream their heads off- I don't have to worry about someone complaining to the Home Owners Association about how much noise the kids are making.
    8) Watching other people's expressions when saying things like "oh my god, like, this guy on the left is about to be killed by a man who smashes through the window unexpectedly". Dropping spoilers and watching strangers get mad is like, the bomb.

  • Well, maybe once upon a time, when I was a child, and it really was The Big Screen, 30 or 40 feet wide, and a few hundred people were all there to see the same movie, it really was an event. Now there's 15 screens, each not that much bigger than one you might have at home, and you're just one in a herd of consumers being serviced. Multiplexes destroyed the moviegoing experience decades ago.
  • The big screen might be OK, but the 6 dozen giant Tablet-phones of the texting teenies in my line of sight, I can do without.

  • by bmk67 ( 971394 )

    1. I like my home theater just fine.
    2. Nothing like a bunch of people who can't shut their pieholes to fuck up a movie.
    3. Sounds like someone else's problem
    4. So?
    5. See #1
    6. No thanks.
    7. See #3.
    8. See #6.
    9. Diabetes in a cup.
    10. Who cares?

  • 1. Big screens at home are now affordable.
    2. Ugh, people everywhere.
    3. Focus is not a problem for me. Also, bathroom breaks.
    4. Relentlessness? Whatever. Develop a spine and watch the movie.
    5. I have plenty of speaker at home. Could use a little more sub maybe. I should get on that.
    6. Previews suck balls.
    7. Disruption is what I get from dildos at the theater.
    8. Alone time is what I get at home.
    9. 32 ounces of diabeetus.
    10. Bragging rights? "I don't even watch TV." DONE AND DONE

  • by Lumpy ( 12016 )

    I have all but #2. and #2 is the REASON I dont go to a movie theater and spend thousands on building my own at home.
    And yes my speaker system kicks the ASS of almost all big theaters. because mine is tuned and sounds good. Theirs is abused and some snot nosed idiot kid messed with the EQ.

  • #0) You want to show your support for the continuing production of certain types of movies by big movie studios by attending the ones that interest you the most.

    Now granted, Hollywood does put out a lot of trash as well, but there are usually a small handful of ones that interest me nearly every year, and I have no problem being part of the voice that tells the makers of these films to keep doing more of the same.

    There is nothing else that I want from the movie-theater experience that I could not obta

  • I went with my brother years ago. He wanted the "32oz bottomless cup of cola" for $1 more --- and managed to finish it before the previews were over. He ran out for his free refill - sat down and slowly drank it as the movie began.

    He then missed most of the second half because he kept leaving to pee.

    Lots of violations to that list: Cola in the Dark vs Focus. Plus I was disrupted and had to fill in plot details later.

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