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Hacking Group Is Charging German Companies $275 For 'DDoS Tests' ( 29

An anonymous reader writes: "A group calling itself XMR Squad has spent all last week launching DDoS attacks against German businesses and then contacting the same companies to inform them they had to pay $275 for 'testing their DDoS protection systems,' reports Bleeping Computer. Attacks were reported against DHL, Hermes, AldiTalk, Freenet,, the State Bureau of Investigation Lower Saxony, and the website of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The attack against DHL Germany was particularly effective as it shut down the company's business customer portal and all APIs, prompting eBay Germany to issue an alert regarding possible issues with packages sent via DHL. While the group advertised on Twitter that their location was in Russia, a German reporter who spoke with the group via telephone said "the caller had a slight accent, but spoke perfect German." Following the attention they got in Germany after the attacks, the group had its website and Twitter account taken down. Many mocked the group for failing to extract any payments from their targets. DDoS extortionists have been particularly active in Germany, among any other countries. Previously, groups named Stealth Ravens and Kadyrovtsy have also extorted German companies, using the same tactics perfected by groups like DD4BC and Armada Collective.
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Hacking Group Is Charging German Companies $275 For 'DDoS Tests'

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  • sounds like the mob pay up if you don't want something bad to happen.

    • sounds like the mob pay up if you don't want something bad to happen.

      At $275 a crack? Sounds like Skript Kiddies.

  • by Gravis Zero ( 934156 ) on Wednesday April 26, 2017 @09:14PM (#54310057)

    What you should be doing is actually selling a DDoS protection service and then have an IoT botnet that attacks targets that don't use your service! Do these idiots know nothing of capitalism? ;)

  • and then trying to charge the business owners for service like "penetration testing", "quality assurance", or "theft prevention".

    The "real world" version is ridiculous to 100% of the world, even the criminals.

    Why is there any doubt about the illegality of the "on-line" version?
  • Remember the good old days when anyone could run a free ddos test just by getting slashdotted?

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