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Smartphone Maker HTC Explores Strategic Options ( 28

An anonymous reader shares a Bloomberg report: HTC, the beleaguered manufacturer that once ranked among the world's top smartphone makers, is exploring options that could range from separating off its virtual-reality business to a full sale of the company, according to people familiar with the matter. The Taiwanese firm is working with an adviser as it considers bringing in a strategic investor, selling or spinning off its Vive virtual reality headset business, the people said, asking not to be identified as the discussions are private. A full sale of HTC, which has businesses ranging from VR to headset manufacturing, is less likely because it doesn't fit obviously with one acquirer, one of the people said.
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Smartphone Maker HTC Explores Strategic Options

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  • The HTC phone I had was fragile and the updating was near-nonexistent. Show me how many PC clone makers from the 1980s are still alive today - Dell, is Gateway still in business? and that's it. The market was going to consolidate and they weren't paying attention to the future.

    In addition, no one has demonstrated much of a market in VR equipment yet.

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Show me how many PC clone makers from the 1980s are still alive today - Dell, is Gateway still in business? and that's it.

      Gateway was bought by Acer.
      Compaq was bought by HP.
      IBM sold their PC business to Lenovo.

      I'm sure there are ones I'm forgetting.

    • Though Asus/Acer didn't get going in earnest until the 90s. To be fair nobody survives these days because if you're even a little weak you get bought out to stifle competition. We stopped enforcing Anti-Trust laws around 1995 or so.
  • Steam/Valve, now is the time to buy the VR part of HTC: before it's too late.

    • by oic0 ( 1864384 ) on Thursday August 24, 2017 @03:01PM (#55077279)
      Why? They have a risk free business that prints money. Why get into a risky hardware business. They want the headsets to exist but they don't have any reason to take a risk making them.
      • But without HTC, what's left?
        - Sony's VR headset is limited to PS4/etc.
        - Oculus is Facebook-infected.
        - Microsoft's going with its own thing as usual.
        - Apple's going with its own thing as usual.

        At this point I'd rather buy a VR headset from Viewmaster but all they sell is something to use with a smartphone. Given that smartphones keep changing sizes and shapes, that's not even a good short-term solution.

  • I've had a G1, Sensation 4G, M7. M8, and now a U11. All superb for their times, the G1 surviving through Android DI think, and since it was released without working Bluetooth or an on-screen keyboard it grew up well. Cyanogenmod did the trick. The Sensation was surprisingly ho-hum, but the M7 on were superb. Apple should have used the M7 design. Sense is indeed the best manufacturer skin. My U11 is really, really nice. Ultimately nothing about the Galaxy S8 was worth $100 more, and the G7 is too late for

    • I have the U11 and it is quite satisfying. It seems such a shame that HTC just got their mojo back with the U11 and now they are giving up. And they allow SD cards in their phones. It would be nice though if they made a pure Android phone, unlocked without any bloatware.

      I'm also confused about how companies don't make money when they sell smartphones for ~ $700 which cost them $250 to make.

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