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Raja Koduri, AMD's Radeon Tech Group Leader, Resigns ( 38

Ryan Smith, writing for AnandTech: On the day following what's perhaps one of the greatest (and oddest) product design wins for AMD's Radeon Technologies Group, a second bit of surprising news is coming out of AMD. Raja Koduri, the Senior VP and Chief Architect of the group, who has been its leader since the RTG was formed two years ago, has announced that he is resigning from the company, effective tomorrow. Word of Raja's resignation originally broke via an internal memo penned by Raja and acquired by Hexus. And while AMD will not confirm the validity of the memo, the company is confirming that Raja has decided to leave the company.
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Raja Koduri, AMD's Radeon Tech Group Leader, Resigns

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  • oh dear for amd
    • Rumor has it Raja Koduri is defecting to Intel. []
  • Seems like the two announcements came back to back.

  • AMD needs to keep up in the cpu market intel sucks with low pci-e / raid keys / slow DMI bus (at least some server boards link in more PCI-E from the CPU to boost PHC io)

  • Interesting article (Score:4, Interesting)

    by Ecuador ( 740021 ) on Wednesday November 08, 2017 @11:09AM (#55513293) Homepage

    Here is [] an interesting article on what Raja was doing with RTG by HardOCP's Kyle Bennet (even talked about Intel interest in the AMD graphics). Kyle did also predict that Raja would not return when he went into Sabbatical a couple of months ago. The article is from a year and a half ago, so it is not about the current status: Kyle has since written that AMD seems to be on a good track with the internal shuffling and in its best form in years.

    • by G00F ( 241765 )

      I'm willing to bet that AMD check-mated him by doing that intel contract to support GPU's to their chips. Why would intel want to hire him, when they can license out what the whole team can do.

      Add that to the fact that his big GPU's projects fell short. So I think this is a way to get him to leave without egg all over his face and poaching people.

      I think it's brilliant on AMD's part!

  • I can't find the article now, I believe it was some Seeking Alpha investment nonsense, but I remember reading something in the last couple years about how he was very unhappy at Radeon and there were major flaws with Vega that needed to be smoothed over (heat generation in particular); once Vega was launched he would probably leave due to internal politics.
    It seems like it might be a FUD piece but I've been wondering what would happen to him after Vega and now I guess we know.

  • AMD could use a new direction. Their hardware's great but I don't know anyone who doesn't have problems with their software unless they only play a few big games (Overwatch / DOTA / COD / CSGO). I'd love to go back to AMD but I don't have time/energy to fiddle with their driver issues. And yeah, I know a lot of that's due to nVidia's shenanigans but knownign that doesn't make my games run better...
    • I've been using AMD exclusively for years, both at the shop and at home, and have had zero issues. You simply follow the exact same rules you follow with Nvidia or any other hardware maker and always stay one or two driver releases behind and you will always have nice stable drivers that are hassle free.

      And the games I play certainly aren't "big titles" unless you consider a bunch of indie titles like Van Helsing and Victor Vran along with War Thunder which I'm currently getting over 90 FPS while recordi

      • The situation for them on Linux is still a lot more hit-and-miss than that. Even Intel and Nvidia have managed comparatively broad compatibility and stability on Linux by now. AMD has made great strides in closing the performance gap on Linux lately, but for commercial game compatibility they still have a long way to go.

        • LOL Intel? The company that keeps using iGPUs that are proprietary and have absolutely zero support? That Intel?

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