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China's Tencent Breaks Through $500bn Stock Market Capitalisation ( 77

An anonymous reader shares a report: The value of China's biggest social network company -- Tencent Holdings -- has overtaken that of Facebook. The company owns WeChat, an enormously popular messaging app in China, and hit gaming franchises such as League of Legends and Honour of Kings.It is the first Asian firm to surpass a market value of $500bn. Its chief executive, Ma Huateng, is now worth more than the founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, according to Forbes. The magazine valued him at $48.3bn on Tuesday, making him the world's ninth richest man according to its ranking.
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China's Tencent Breaks Through $500bn Stock Market Capitalisation

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  • by Anonymous Coward
    China will rule the world someday. It's inevitable. They have a much larger population than us and they're sneaky. Even with birth control, they can coast to world domination. Our only hope is if China and India get involved in a thermonuclear exchange.
    • Tencent's latest earnings (I can find) are 2.7 billion.

      PE ratio of 185!

      Who is screwed? Tencent's investors are screwed!

      If that's you, take your profits and RUN.

      • by Joviex ( 976416 )

        Tencent's latest earnings (I can find) are 2.7 billion.

        PE ratio of 185!

        Who is screwed? Tencent's investors are screwed!

        If that's you, take your profits and RUN.

        Yeah, and? Their EPS as of Jun 2017 was 0.28. That means their PEG is around 660.

        How, exactly, is that not a huge growth indicator? lol.

        • That's their earnings with 1 billion users.

          So your right, to get down to a fair PE ratio all you have to do is assume they will grow to have about 20 billion users, while maintaining the same profits! I wish them luck.

          Take your profits and RUN!

      • Tencent's latest earnings (I can find) are 2.7 billion.

        PE ratio of 185!

        Tencent is a growth stock. They are reinvesting their cashflow into expanding their market share. Investors should prefer a high PE as long as the company is growing faster than alternative investments, and Tencent certainly is.

        Have you ever grown apple trees? By the second or third year, they will start to produce blossoms, and if you leave those blossoms alone, you may even get a handful of apples. But if you are smart, you pluck off the blossoms, so the tree can put its resources into stronger roots,

        • 1 billion current users.

          • 1 billion current users.

            There is no question that Tencent has plenty of eyeballs, but they are still struggling for market share in many areas that are likely be very profitable in the future. When your laolao whips out her cellphone to buy some baozi from a street vendor, does she use Wechat Wallet, or Alipay? Tencent would be foolish to surrender market share to "cash in" on a rapidly growing opportunity.

            People said the same thing about Google and Facebook, which both went for years without generating profits. Yet look at the

            • Commodity business that will generate commodity returns, optimistically. More likely will always remain too competitive to monetize. Where is the 20x growth in earnings going to come from?

              I don't have a penny in Amazon either. But that's a much better bet. At least their financials are somewhat audited.

    • If only the United States was a global power open to Global Trade.

      The reason that during most of the 20th century that China was out of global influence is the fact they were Isolated China First mentality. So rest of the world grew and advanced ahead of them, then when they realized it, they were far behind and it took decades to get caught back up. Economic success is tied to number of workers and number of customers. China then (and the US now) is closed to having customers, because they want to be clos

    • What matters isn't population or even GDP. It's GDP per capita - how much productivity each citizen is producing on average. This represents how much useful economic work each citizen can produce in a year. It mostly depends on their country's regulatory and living environment. Countries with better protection laws (to protect laborers) and business-friendly laws (to encourage business development) tend to have very high GDP per capita. Repressive societies tend to have very low GDP per capita. (Count
      • Those GDP per capita comparisions don't realy make sense.

        E.g. a good mobile internet connection Thailand costs you 500 Baht per month ($5)
        I assume in the USA it is around $30 - $50.

        So an mobile internet user in the US is contributing/creating $30 to its GDP per caipta while a Thai is inly contributing $5 (for a better service).

        Or take asuoer expensive hospital bill in the US, $90.000 for some simple operation that inly costs $10,000 in germany ...

        You can find hundrets of examples where you realize that GDP

  • by xxxJonBoyxxx ( 565205 ) on Wednesday November 22, 2017 @12:09PM (#55603409)
    At least we know what our post-Facebook world will look like now. We can all plan to bore our grandkids with tales of "Silicon Valley" when American software mattered.
  • hit gaming franchises such as League of Legends and Honour of Kings

    So people in China play LoLaHoK instead of LoL?

    Has Riot Games tried to sue the company that made LoLaHoK?

    • by Desler ( 1608317 )

      Why would Riot Games sue its owner?

  • The USA main problem is that as a country, we are bad sports. We have a bad habit of glorification of our own views, while demonizing others, gives us the same effect as a selfish child demanding that they should get all the turns and nobody else gets any. And what has it gotten us, a steady decline of of happiness, sanity and increase in desperation The further we continue with being power checked the faster we accelerate on our race to the bottom. Won't somebody ground the USA before we run out of feet t
    • Correction. The further the USA continue s unchecked the faster our acceleration in our social y promoted race to the bottom. The USA is a danger to itself and others. It needs to be be placed in protective custody, to give the rest of the world a chance to recover
  • Does anyone else find it interesting that the Chinese government blocks access to google, wikipedia, linkedin, facebook and about 3000 others but yet you can visit slashdot? []
  • Cashless payments (Score:4, Interesting)

    by jbmartin6 ( 1232050 ) on Wednesday November 22, 2017 @03:25PM (#55605227)
    The huge value of WeChat is its widespread use as a payment app. One can pay with WeChat almost everywhere in large Chinese cities and even out into the remote areas. in Shanghai there are a lot of restaurants which only take WeChat or AliPay, and don't accept other payment methods at all. A lot of smaller vendors especially now only take WeChat/AliPay or cash, no cards. I think this is the real center of that valuation, not the chat/social media aspects.

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