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Netflix Is Now Worth More Than $100 Billion ( 49

Netflix has crossed the $100 billion mark for its market cap as it once again surprised industry observers with better-than-expected growth in its subscribers. TechCrunch reports: The company said it added more than 8 million new subscribers total after already setting pretty robust targets for the fourth quarter this year, giving it a healthy push as it crossed the $100 billion mark after the report came out this afternoon. While the company's core financials actually came in roughly in line with what Wall Street was looking for (which is still important), Netflix's subscriber numbers are usually the best indicator for the core health of the company. That recurring revenue stream -- and its growth -- is critical as it continues to very aggressively spend on new content. The company said its free cash flow will be between negative $3 billion and negative $4 billion, compared to negative $2 billion this year. And that aggressive spending only seems to get more aggressive every time we hear from the company. Netflix is now saying that it expects to spend between $7.5 billion and $8 billion on content in 2018 -- which is around in line with what it said in October when it said it would spend between $7 billion and $8 billion. It's the same range, but tuning up that bottom end is still an important indicator. Some notable numbers include $3.29 billion in revenue, 1.98 million Q4 U.S. subscriber additions, and 6.36 million Q4 International subscriber additions.
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Netflix Is Now Worth More Than $100 Billion

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  • "Netflix's subscriber numbers are usually the best indicator for the core health of the company", indeed. I left Netflix after being a subscriber for some years, and just a month later, got a month free offer (again). Looks like Netflix tries whatever they can to reach the higher number, even for free.
    • by Maritz ( 1829006 )
      Even for free, for a month.
      • That's the thing. Free => cancel => wait => free
      • by sycodon ( 149926 )

        About 80% of the stuff on Netflix, Prime, etc are grade B knockoffs of block buster movies or just crap no one would find interesting.

        When he description starts out with, "not to be confused with the blockbuster..." you know they are simply trying to pull a bait and switch.

        "Oh Look!, they are showing Independence Day of Earth! I loved that movie."

        • by Rakarra ( 112805 )

          My favorite is Video Brinquedo. They release knockoffs of animated films the year that the original movie comes up.
          When Disney released Princess and the Frog, they released The Frog Prince.
          When Pixar released Cars, they released The Little Cars. Ratatoing followed Ratatouille, and What's Up? Balloon to the Rescue followed the balloon-based Up.
          The Little Panda Fighter followed Kung-Fu Panda, etcetc.

          Though studio The Asylum gets props for being ballsy enough to release Snakes on a Train when Snakes on a Plane

        • by GNious ( 953874 )

          eh ? I've literally never seen that on Netflix.

        • Most people don't watch movies on Netflix anymore. They watch the original content. Everyone I know who has Netflix, does so for the original content.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday January 23, 2018 @06:59AM (#55984349)

    Disney owns so many franchises now that a Netflix without Disney will kill it. Netflix should consider legal action if Disney tries to take it's content away from paying customers.

    • For me, lack of Disney content will kill my viewing of Disney products. Eventually I may give up on Netflix but when that happens, I wont be changing to any other providers, unless their combined cost is less than Netflix.

      • This. I do have a young daughter, but she's not a big fan of anything Disney has released in years, and Grandma will get her the DVDs of movies she wants. Disney streaming won't get squat from us...

    • Disney owns so many franchises now that a Netflix without Disney will kill it.

      Not really. Netflix's original content ranges from decent to excellent.

      They could probably coexist with Disney and a few other streaming content producers. E.g., Netflix + HBO Go + a hypothetical Disney service would total up to less than the average cable bill---unless Disney tries to charge way more than everyone else. That is already more content than most people need. Plus, there is still broadcast TV for news, some sports, and other local content.

      Netflix doesn't need to be everything to everyone; it on

    • by sad_ ( 7868 )

      Have you seen the Netflix Original productions? Most of them are awesome and of high quality. Not only limited to series, but their movies are also pretty good.
      I don't think i'll be missing disney soon...

  • by PolygamousRanchKid ( 1290638 ) on Tuesday January 23, 2018 @07:14AM (#55984379)

    You would think they could spare a billion or two to buy us all a healthy portion of Net Neutrality.

    Maybe hire a few hit men, to take out whoever is really behind the repeal of Net Neutrality. But . . . do we even have an idea who that is . . . ?

    • With that amount of money you can hire someone with a Gatling gun and just keep firing. It's not like any innocent collateral damage is to be expected.

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