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Final Episode of MST3K to Air Today 119

Masem writes "The last produced episode of MST3K, which will wrap up all 10 years of it's run, and tell us the fates of Mike and the bots, will be airing Sunday at 11pm EDT on SciFi. The episode itself is called "Danger: Diobolik!", a German spy-non-triller. (There's a episode that's been held back until Sept from this season, but it's not the final final episode). "
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Final Episode of MST3K to Air Today

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  • mst3k is going off the air because they have run out of movies. well, that's not totally correct. see, they only can afford to go after the real cheappo's, they would love to do the show with titanic and the sort, but that would cost a rather absurd amount of money. after the hundreds of low budget movies they had the rights to, they have run out. the tapes are available somwhere(i have seen them at suncoast video and a few other stores), even a collection of shorts. i find it hard to believe that there are slashdotters that didn't like mst3k, i thought everyone here was a fan. harumph!
  • by Anonymous Coward

    Thanks for the flaimbait, sparky. You truly missed out on the humor of MST3K if you think it was simply about watching "a bunch of other idiots watching idiotic movies." MST3K provided a humorous take on material that just begged to be laughed at. If you didn't understand the humor, it was probably mostly over your head. So you can go watch Friends or reruns of Seinfeld and continue to dilute yourself that they're actually funny shows or offer any originality when they don't. MST3K was something different in the barren landscapes of television and movies. Very refreshing. Look at what we get from Hollywood these days. I can easily draw a parallel between stock MUDs and the films Hollywood has been putting out: where executives think they'll make the best movie ever by just throwing together hackneyed concepts from old movies. Godzilla was utterly blatant. The subplot with the snotty reporter that kept undercutting the hard working woman is taken almost directly from Die Hard; the scene in the stadium with the mini-zillas was direct from Jurassic Park. Television shows are similarly afflicted with this odd self-aggrandizing, self-referential need to remake what was popular. Ally McBeal, Felicity, 90210, Party of Five, Friends, Seinfeld, etc., all are or were stupid, stupid shows that got an audience from idiots like you.

    Your comments, any way you look at them, are completely tasteless. Even if one is to accept that MST3K sucked (it didn't), you have just thanked a network for putting hard-working people out of work. You're just another one of those people who doesn't understand that just because they're on TV, doesn't mean they don't have real lives and that doesn't mean it's not a job. Yeah, so thank you for being an inconsiderate asshole.

  • What annoys me is that after the first show on Sci-Fi, they pretty much stopped promoting it until the final episode. In the meantime, you see commercials for Sliders and all of that other crap every 15 seconds.
  • I heard a rumor that the "B-Movie Channel" was thing about picking up MST3K. It looks like a good fit to me. Here's the e-mail response I got from them:

    Hello Rick,

    Thank you for your comments. Yes we are considering to possibly do something
    with MST3K. Please sign up on our mailing list to get the breaking news when
    it happens.

    Have a good day


    I suggest we fans send them a lot of mail requesting them to pick up the show and promising to subscribe to their channel if they do!

  • Feed Magazine [] has a great column about the end of MST3K and its cultural significance. You can find it here [].
  • I can't believe Sci-Fi channel is so lame. With all the star trek rip-offs it has, and all the bad movies it plays (not counting the ones on MST3K), it cancelled the only good show. I remember watching it on TV before comedy central ever existed. And I don't care what people say about Mike sucking more than Joel, they were equally funny... I didn't see much of a change. Except Pearl Forrester, that was kinda lame. I watched the final episode last night, and boy was that hillarious (MY LEG IS TURNING ONE DIMENSIONAL!!!!). It's so frikkin sad to see it go. With MST3K gone and no scheduled tapings of Mr. Show left.... I guess South Park is all that's left on TV to watch.

    My favorite part in any MST3K episode is actually fairly recent, it's this story about these cult ninja's and this guy is looking for his dad, and they come accross a Ted Kazinski(sp?) looking guy, and the kid's like "Did you know my dad?" and Tom Servo jumps in with "Know him?! He was delicious!!!". I couldn't stop laughing for like 5 minutes.....
  • Yeah. Diabolik is an Italian (not German. They could never make anything this funky) comic strip from the sixties about a ninja-looking superthief and his exploits. He's clever, he's deadly, and he's always a success with the ladies. What more can be said? The Beasties' video was a parody of this movie.
  • sells videos (I recomend Laserblast)

    What if we want movies that are no better than Laserblast?
  • And I have to admit, it was pretty funny. The movie they picked as the last was REALLY bad. I mean, it's been a long long time since I've seen a movie that bad. (Though, Titanic springs to mind...but I digress).

    I almost lost it when Diabolik and the main bad guy jumped out of the plane and they were falling and having a conversation at the same time. Pretty funny stuff. And it's even funnier to think the people that made this thought it was good!

  • Joel's last show? I believe it was 'The Brain That Wouldn't Die'.

    No, no, a thousand times no. Go boil an egg.

    Joel's last show (and one of my favorite episodes) was Mitchell, starring (if one can call it that) Joe Don Baker as a lumpy cop who chases after some lumpy villains while spilling beer all over the place.

    "Why would anyone *do* this with Mitchell, Joel?"
    "Baby oil? NOOOOOOOO!"
  • (drmike makes OK sign with fingers)

    "It stinks!"

    Thank goodness I have episodes 101-512 (Joel eps) and 40% of the KTMA episodes on tape. It might be awhile till we see the first 5 seasons on TV, and maybe never if there are licensing problems reshowing the movies they Mist'd.

    I really wish DVD-RAM and a good hw mpeg capture card had good linux support, I want to move all 140+ tapes to DVD...

    Push the button frank...
  • What the heck is a hamdinger, anyway? I've yet to figure this out, yet it at least used to play a major role in MST3k...

    Man, I wish I didn't keep forgetting to watch it, specially now that some of their good later shows (like "Trucking With Death" and "Time Chasers") have been making it into reruns. This last season has kinda sucked, but seasons 8 and 9 were generally pretty good.

    Does anyone know where I can get some of the other episodes on tape, though? I know that some of the important ones (such as Mitchell) are carried by Rhino, but I really want to see the last few Comedy Central episodes, particularly the very last one. Also the first Sci-Fi Channel episode, though I'm sure that'll show up in reruns soon enough (unless I missed that already, pfeh).

    "'Is not a quine' is not a quine" is a quine.
  • I can't believe this has happened. Sci-Fi has so much shit on their channel that I can't believe they dump a show because of low ratings. I do not care who picks it up: AMC, PBS, anyone, as long as I can get the channel where I live.

    We Slashdotters should make an effort to save this show. There is so much crap on TV. Every year networks pump out show after show after show of the same stupid sitcoms. We don't need that many. But the most original show on TV right now gets cancelled.

    Anyway, my feeling is that there's gotta be enough rabid fans out there who love MST3K for it to be worthwhile for some network to pick it up.

    On a related note, what the hell is happening to the Comedy Central episodes? Is Comedy gonna show re-runs? Or will they sell them? We can't let them just keep those episodes in a storage room somewhere, they're a national treasure :)
  • it's actually not such a weird match.

    AMC has a devotion and a love of movies much like the one's MSt3k rifs. Luckily, they also have a sense of humor --so they can accept Mst3k. Plus, much like CC years ago, they really need to increase their ratings. One way to do this is to take a "quirky" show that can grab huge amounts of people who largely ignore the popular shows.

    sells videos (I recomend Laserblast)
  • I'm one of those that thought the show really went downhill when Joel left.

    Then it really went downhill when Trace and Frank left also. Though the new guy they had doing Crow sounded just like Trace.

    I thought the movie was pretty funny though.

    Oh well...all good things must end.
  • gazine/990802/insider0.asp []

    Let's face it folks - 10 years is an incredible run for any show, especially one that so few people get. I'm just glad that years ago I figured out that this show would probably be the only one in television history not to be perpetually rerun in the future, and got them all on tape...

  • by crayz ( 1056 )
    I wish I had those old episodes, if I were you I'd make copies and sell them on E-Bay(if it's not illegal). You could probably make a lot of money. Actually, it probably is illegal.
  • The problem with almost all MST3K shows (except those based on movies in the public domain) is that they depend on having the rights for the original movies as well as for the show itself. I believe when MST3K first did a lot of the CC-era movies, they got the rights for a limited time-period, which meant that after that time-period expired, they couldn't broadcast that show anymore. To be able to re-run them all would mean that someone would have to renegotiate the rights to use all of those movies, and let's face it, MST3K has always gotten such poor ratings that no TV executive would even consider it worthwhile.
  • The Fu Mancu episode was so bad even Joel & the bots admitted it. Near the end of the episode they didn't even have the energy to make the jokes about it.

    The mads even acknoweledged this and hi-fived each other for bumming out Joel and the bots. Heh.
  • I was a fan of the show when it first made it on to Comedy Central, but ever since the movie, I haven't been able to see the show since it moved to Sci-Fi

    There are some problems with re-running the shows though. In order to do that, you need to get permission from the people that made the films.

    As of the case on who owns the "original" shows from comedy central, I'd put my money on CC, since Best Brains production did produce them FOR comedy central.

    Isn't licensing a bitch sometimes, especially when used in a manner such as this? I just want the Gammera shows on tape, and the final episode of Joel and the Final Final, and I can die happy
    (Allready own the movie)
  • It's prime time to start taking the MST3K treatment to all media, not just ones that someone happens to purchase the "rights" to. (Apparently the licensing fees became a significantly larger cost for the MST3K producers.)

    For some time now, fanatics have been riffing off the junk scraped from USENet with "mistings []". That's an ok start.

    And we're all familiar with that brilliantly-inspired by horribly-design (ie, closed-standard) ThirdVoice annotation system.

    We need a better 3rd-party annotation standard for web-based media. This should lead to a nice solution for broadcast-TV & VCR. I mean, when "convergence" comes along, do you really think you'll be watching TV and have the itch to "click on" a ballplayer just to find out what his batting average is with 2 runners on in the seventh during a meteor shower?

    Nooo... you'll have your choice of armchair broadcasters all across this great web, spinning their own plot, analysis, and all that in the name of postmodernism!

  • has anyone forgot about Joel??????
  • I have a soft spot for "The Blood Waters of Dr. Z." REminds me of the good ol' days of "Manos".

    Also one of the few recent episodes where I nearly fell out of the chair laughing at one of the skits.

    "Soon you will become wedged in the bulkhead ... OF MY PLAN!!!"

    "The Starfighters" is also a good Mike episode.

    "Yes, welcome to minute six of the glorious refueling sequence."

    "Uh oh ... my thermos of napalm!"
  • Wow, that column really sucked. The guy wasted valuable electrons trashing what was, at it's peak, one of the funniest things on TV.

    I suppose I should have known better, though. Any writer who has the balls to be referred to as "a freelance writer and frequent contributor to Hermenaut: The Digest of Heady Philosophy" has clearly spent a little too much time sipping from the heady waters of the bullshit fountain...
  • If anyone is interested in seeing my tour pics of the Best Brains studio from several years ago, let me know [mailto] and I'll put 'em up on a web page.
  • "But "MST3K"'s values -- reflex irony, hatred of everything outmoded and aesthetically dated,the paranoid fear of the imagination and the absences that might wake it -- are simply those of the dominant culture. "

    Hatred, paranoid fear - is this a review of a puppet show or of a Leni Riefenstahl film? Somehow I get the feeling that this guy is as much fun at a party as a can of tear gas...

  • If you saw an ad for it in the US, then it probably wasn't MST3K. Sci-Fi put more marketing effort into the series finale than it did through its entire run. In fact, the finale ads were the first I've ever seen for the show. That lack of support and the shifting time slots are what killed MST3K.

  • I'd like to get on the list.
  • I also loved that at the end it's supposed to be a positive note that he's left in solid gold.
  • Damn, MST3K is one of the best shows ever!!!! Why does it have to be cancelled? This sucks....
    Someone will have to make MST4K ;)
  • are they really quitting? i can't belive that. i just started watching those guys about a year ago :) are there any arcvhives with their shows? there are only few ones i can find at local videostores. also what about mst3k t-shirts and other fun stuff?
  • After 10 years of great shows, it has come to an end. Crow, Tom Servo, Mike, Gypsy, Mrs. Forrester, Brain Guy, Bobo, I'll miss you all.

    By the way MST3K merchandise can be found here []
  • I wouldnt quite say that the Sci-Fi broadcast part of the series is the "top of their game"... ever since it left comedy central, its been kinda going downhill... Dont get me wrong, its still IMO probably the best tv show on the air today, but the first season with Mike, and almost anything with Joel is better than most of the new episodes...

    Yeah, the apes are humorous.. but they're not TV's Frank and Dr. Forrester.

  • "also what about mst3k t-shirts and other fun stuff?"
    yeah there is MST3k shirts and mugs and stuff, I've actually seen them at Suncoast Video, but I'm sure you can find them elsewhere as well.
  • Excuse my ignorance, but what is MST3K? Does it have anything to do with the "Diabolik!" at the end of the Beastie Boys "Body Movin'" video?
  • It's hard to believe that they made a voice-over show less interesting than Beavis and Butthead, but they did. Good riddance.
  • I'll compensate somebody for taping the final MST3k and sending it to me. Please please please.
  • see now, Seinfeld was still good and should have kept goin, and so should MST3K....MST3K is still as on top as they ever were before (except maybe from when on Comedy Central - more exposure)
  • The movie itself is an Italian-French coproduction. Still, be warned.

    Second, there's an extra showing of the episode
    at 9 pm EDT on SciFi tonight. It will also
    be on at 11pm, and then next Saturday at
    11am EDT. After this, MST3K will only be shown on Saturdays
    at that time slot (LOUSY!)

  • go, right now and (rent || buy || borrow || barter with sex for) one of the episodes w/ joel, and fear for your immortal soul, having made such a blasphemous statement.
  • >are they really quitting?

    No, the Sci-Fi channel doesn't want them anymore due to low ratings. They Best Brains hasn't made many statements about what they want, but they seem to be open to new networks picking them up.
  • The people at Bad Brains, afaik, are in the same situation they were in after leaving Comedy Central... the only difference is that comedy central was making a huge mistake losing one of its few (at the time) successful shows.. When that all came about, originally the Brains were thinking about doing some licensing with Rhino and releasing episodes straight to video if noone picked them up. There might be a possibility that this is just the end of this era of episodes, and they have other plans for the show, but I doubt it will have the following it would have when at least most of the original cast was still on the show.

  • Mystery Science Theater is basically a guy and two "robots" who are forced to watch really, really bad movies. To make them bearable to watch, they make fun of the movie.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 is basically a guy and two "robots" who are forced to watch really, really bad movies. To make them bearable to watch, they make fun of the movie.
  • It is on the Sci-Fi channel which all but guarantees year after year of re-runs of the existing episodes.

  • It's been a good run, but all things must end. Let the show die a quiet, dignified death. There's still plenty of good entertainment out there, and plenty of good parodies of that entertainment. Seek it out and give them your time and business. Oh, and circulate the tapes. There's nothing wrong with that.
  • hahaha, i guess you have a point, Sci-Fi does play some old stuff ;)
  • While the Gamera eps are sweet, I'd have to give my vote to Godzilla vs Megalon as the best riffed-on giant monster movie. The commentary on the tag-team match is soo funny:

    "Why doesn't he just go straight to the flame?" - Crow
    "Because the man is a true professional." - Joel

  • I would add Werewolf and Riding with Death. Extremely good Mike episodes from last season.
  • "Could you show me how this gun works?"
    "Sure. Stand up against that wall."

    Maybe only 1 gag in 10 made me laugh. When they average 20 gags a minute, that's still a lot of laughs.

    Why did Joel leave, anyway?
  • Indeed, with all the Yank shows we do get in Canada, you'd think that one of the myriad new cable stations we have (Space, Comedy Channel) would pick up MST3K re-runs.

    Odd that this topic came up this weekend, I just rented MST3K:The Movie last night (For the nth time.) Other than that, all I've ever seen are videos from friends in Vancouver lucky enough to get it out there.

  • Joel left to persue other projects. Both sides say the parting was very friendly between he and Best Brains. Both Joel and Frank returned for episode 1001 "Soul Taker".
  • Last night, my friends and I held a wake for MST3K, then signed on-line to mourn in bits and bytes. It was sad, but a ten year run is a damn good run for any show.

    We take comfort in the fact that it isn't dead, however. There are websites that have text 'MiSTings' such as (Website #9 [] and SVAM [], and there are rabid MST3K fans everywhere. Some of us circulate amateur MiSTings on video or audio tape as well.

    Dead? Hardly. As long as there's drivel, ranting, and shallow pop culture, we'll be there with quips.
  • Well yeah, but i don't think its because of the writers, they probably just haven't been getting as much funding and whatnot. Frank and Forrester were better than the apes and that fat lady, but ya know, just like Seinfeld, I think they are cashing in too soon.
  • Oh, I think I saw an ad for that when I was in the US. Looked like a 70's retro children's show.
  • it couldn't be as a bad as a Finish/Russian co -production.

    coultd it? (shudders)
  • No really. It has an awful lot of rabid fans (like me) who would pay good money to see the show. PBS doesn't care about ratings --since thwey don't have ads (okay some of the shows sometimes have "sponsors" ) all Pbs cares about is donations.
    We have to save MST3K!
  • I remember watching MST3K when it was local on KTMA in the Twin Cites back in '89. It was great. This was before they started to play all those lousy b/w 50's films. There was a variety of Gamera, 80s and weird foreign films. FOr the last couple of years, it just went downnhill especially when people kept leaving the show.
  • Ah, but who can forget such classic exchanges as:

    "Are those actors doing their own parachuting?"

    "No, those parachuters are doing their own acting."

    It's a show you have to watch over and over to catch all the subtle satire. Best if watched drunk.
  • I never did like that show anyway, so I will not miss it. Maybe they'l put some better movies in its place.
  • There is more info about what a hamdinger is at

    Essentially, they were a type of meat that some company made as a sort of "spam"-like product. It ended up being considered so inedible that it eventually became used as bait for tuna fishing boats, or something to that effect.
  • I, too, was there before the days of Mike and the Brain Guy, before there was even a TV's Frank (easily the best character on the show). Ah, the low budget'ed'ness of it all. It will be a show that I will miss. Not for the viewings it got as I sat alone, but for the viewings in a group, as this was a show that was meant to be watched with others. With that in mind, a collective bowing of heads will be issued.

    To change the subject, I was wondering if anyone had any info on the long lost Thanksgiving episode which was shown once on Comedy Central never to be seen again. What was it about? What movie? That sort of thing. Please, I need that fill. Even the Unauthorized Guide has nothing on this episode except that it did exist but was never seen again. Thanks.

    Bryan R.
  • The final Joel episode is "Mitchell" which is available on tape commercially from Rhino home video.

    "Gotta save Joel! JOOOOOEEEELLLL!!!" - Gypsy
  • the "long lost Thanksgiving episode" you speak of actually, was aired over and over on Comedy Central... It was episode 1 of season (I think) 7 ("Night of the BloodBeast" or something similar).. the only thing different is they had replaced the short segments between commercials with ones specifically for the holiday, and it had a slightly different opening if I remember right..
    I just with that Comedy Central would still do the Turkey Day marathon.. was a highlight of the year for me for about 4 years *grin*

    btw, to anyone who knows, what was Forresters sidekick's name before Frank? was it Larry?

    "Wanda Cannon, now thats a porn name if I ever saw one! ...Not that I read those type of publications.." - Crow T. Robot
  • Well, thats kinda the other reason that Last Action Hero or Hackers never showed up on mst3k.. They did have to pay royalties to the movie producers, etc.. That got them into a bit of trouble after the first 3 or so seasons if I remember right.. but hey, noone was about to shut down a show that won like 4 straight peabody awards *grin*

  • Ummm...remember these early CC stinkbombs?

    Castle of Fu Manchu
    Monster A-Go-Go - "there was no monster..."
    Robot vs the Aztec Mummy

    By themselves, they were *completely* unwatchable. Even MST'd, they are pretty tough (I feel asleep trying to watch Castle of Fu Manchu several times).

    I know there are a lot of folks out there that think the show ended when Joel left, but the truth is, despite how good Joel, Trace, and Frank were, the star of the show has always been the writing. And that's remained consistently good through the show's run.
  • what about Girl from LA? you know, Kathy Ireland as a geek, gets trapped in another dimension or something like that... and Laserblast is easily one of the best episodes..

    "He TRIED to kill me with a forklift.."
  • Um... it wasn't Best Brain's idea to cash in their chips and go out now. It was some guy over at Sci-Fi who pulled the plug.

    It's all rather sad, that's about the only show I ever watch on Sci-Fi. I wonder what they'll fill the gap with? Lord knows we haven't seen "Child's Play" enough...
  • I'll chime in with the rest that are saying that the show's best days were behind it. The early Mike episodes were OK, but after Frank and Dr. Forrester left, things started to slide. I watched maybe a half dozen new episodes, and nothing really stuck out at me as being hilarious, as oppsoed to the Joel days, when we had "Master Ninja Theme Song," "Rock climbing, Joel," "They tried to kill him with a forklift!" and of course, "Hikiba!"

    None of the new shows had anythingthat memorable, for me at least. So, I say, 10 years is a nice long run, let's let it go.
  • If they were really smart, they could get a gig doing the commentary tracks on DVD movies.

    I'd love to see them rip on some of the classics.
  • For the heady days of Joel. I used to love that show, and I even got to see the very first MST3K Live! event in Minneapolis at the Uptown theater. But the show needed to end. Mike was never close to as amusing as Joel (in fact, i never have watched an entire 'Mike' episode), and then TVs Frank left, and..what was left? Nothing. Keep circulating the tapes!
  • >Wouldn't it have been much better if they >had picked films like PRETTY WOMAN or DANCES WITH >WOLVES for ridicule? That would have been funny!

    I think you've missed the point completely.. and I'll paraphrase the theme song to make you understand the error (the original song ;)

    "They'll send him cheesy movies...
    The worst that they can find..
    He'll have to sit and watch them all
    and they'll monitor his mind.."

    now I admit, having an episode with a popular film woulda been funny.. but Dances with Wolves? Come on, if you're going for bad feature film to turn into a MST episode, go for Titanic. You dont get much cheesier, or popular, than that.

    "No wonder we never found the escape pod, its hidden in a box of Hamdingers... nobody likes Hamdingers." - Gypsy
  • then you havent seen the right episodes!
    I admit, since the move to sci-fi, its lost what made it what it was, but mike has his moments.. but if you want a joel-era quality episode with mike in it, find a copy of Laserblast (the final comedy central episode). Its easily one of the best of the epi's, definitely Mikes best. The movie was pretty good too, but not nearly as.

    "After the age of 12, a man should never say the word 'pa-pow'." - Mike
  • Bah! The horrible lack of MST3K in Canada is admittedly atrocious (though I think out in parts of Alberta there's some station that carries it).
    MST is a redeeming item for the Yanks in my eyes. I have but one line of wisdom of which I think we all can share in it's simple elegance...

  • no, its not writing at all.. mike and the bots are as witty and sarcastic as ever, but the movies that are being given to Bad Brains (they can only use movies that Sci-Fi has licensed to them, sorta limits what their choices are..) are just not funny with their type of humor applied to them.
    Thats why I believe that if the show were to continue in (somewhat) its old glory it'd have to be picked up by Comedy Central again... fat chance of that happening. ;P

    "No, I'm pure energy.. you're nothing but pure canola oil!" - Crow T Robot
  • Ugh, they woldn't have made it past the first few episode before their budget for the year would have been used up! Didn't they have to pay royalties of some kind to the people who own the rights to the films they played? How much do you think a big budget feature film would have cost compared to the cheap, low budget movies no ones heard of in years (if ever).
    But come now, havn't you ever gone to a movie with a bunch of friends, sat in the front row and MSTy it? We do it all the time over here!
  • I don't believe this will happen. See, Best Brains Inc., who produce MST3K, would like it to continue. The Sci-Fi channel is most likely getting rid of it so that they have 2 more hours in their schedule to show more depressing TV series and cheesy movies (ones that would probably end up on MST3K if it continued :)

    I personally believe that the Sci-Fi channel is underestimating the popularity of MST3K, and shooting themselves in the foot.

    Anyway, Sci-Fi keeps saying how absolutely positively final their decision is, so it's time to look elsewhere. There are rumors that AMC will pick up the series, which I think is a very strange fit, but I'm not complaining.


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